Saturday, April 27, 2019

HEIL HONEY I'M HOME! - "A Really Bad Idea" (1990)

This is a Saturday Night Special I'm not real fond of, but in a effort to document weirdness over the years in film and TV, it has to be included, so here you go, really bad taste at it's wurst!
"Heil Honey I'm Home!" was a 1990 British sitcom that only lasted for one episode, even though they actually shot eight, because after the pilot was aired, the reactions of the people who saw it, made them decide to drop the project, which was the smartest thing they could ever have done, besides not having started it to begin with.

The whole damn thing is set up to be a clone of an "I Love Lucy" show, and Lucy and Ricky are replaced by Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun!
Neil (Billy The Kid and the Green Baize Vampire) McCaul plays Adolph, and Denica (Venus Wars) Fairman is Eva!
 Somehow this show didn't kill their careers!

You know what, some things in history like "The Holocaust" should never ever be trvialized.

And even though the performers are very good........

..........This was a really tasteless and ill-advised project that I can't believe that anybody could have possibly thought was a good idea, or funny!

 The fact that they aired even this one episode before it was decided that maybe it wasn't such a very good idea is beyond my comprehension.

Neil McCaul's approach to his comedic delivery is very similar to Robin Williams in my opinion.

The living room and kitchen of Adolph and Eva's apartment are almost identical to the ones on "I Love Lucy."

To make it even worse, the neighbors who have the Fred and Ethel Mertz roles are a madcap Jewish couple named Arny and Rosa Goldenstein as played by Gareth Marks, and Caroline Gruber.

The writers had some major comedy creds. Geoff Atkinson went on to be the writer on 58 episodes of the wild British puppet show "Spitting Image."

This was the end of the line for writer Paul Wayne, but what a powerhouse of laughs proceeded this mess, working on comedy shows by The Smothers Brothers, Pat Paulsen, and Sonny and Cher. He was also a writer on "Bewitched" and "Three's Company!"

"Heil Honey I'm Home!" was ill-conceived at best, but when over six million Jewish people were murdered a mere 45 years earlier, then guess what?? It ain't funny!
Yeah, I know all about parody and satire, but this P.O.S. is an embarrassment to mankind, and should have never seen the light of day!

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