Monday, April 8, 2019

DEMONS III The Ogre / What Happens When The Nightmares Of Your Childhood Suddenly Become Reality? - 1988

I've already posted DEMONS and DEMONS 2, so, here we go with number 3... This is a story about Cheryl, an American novelist tormented by nightmares since she was a child. She rents the Trifiri Villa in Italy with her husband Tom and son Bobby, where they travel to for vacation. Cheryl is writing her latest novel about an ogre that horrifies her since her childhood and soon finds out that all her fears are starting to come true!

Here's the family arriving at the Trifiri Villa, seems like a pretty nice place, so far...

Suddenly, we're in a flashback where Cheryl (as a child) is wandering through the place. The painting stretches out toward her, and after she goes into the the rooms below, she sees this freaky skeleton hanging from the ceiling, and, it moves!

Darling, wake up and go back to sleep!

Cheryl goes into town where they don't accept credit cards, but, she scores a friend, Ann. She invites Ann over to the villa for dinner and to meet the family.

But, Cheryl can't stop thinking about some of the strange things that are beginning to happen. She starts exploring the basement area...

Cheryl decides to go into town to see if any of the locals know anything about the villa, you know, in the 'strange' department. This old kook just happens to be doing a painting of the villa that has a slimy egg sack with a demon hand hanging down, floating over it! Cheryl freaks out...

This kitchen area catches my eye, that refrigerator, tiny stove and huge butane tank just look a little weird in there!

In the meantime, Ann decides to explore the basement area and gets the treat of her life!

The Ogre is a giant, the makeup is freakin' great, man, I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of his rage, like in the top photo!

Tom slows the monster down after he rolls a gigantic barrel of wine down a ramp, breaking in its face, allowing Cheryl and Bobby to escape to the outside.

Her and Bobby jump into the Jeep and run the motherfucker down, then drives back and forth over the Ogre until it's dead, then, it disappears!! So, that's that, now, all you have to do is show up on Wednesday when we return with more Dungeon Cargo!..

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