Friday, April 12, 2019

DRACULA MEETS THE WOLF MAN / Kerry Gammill: Monster Kid Home Movies - 1965

Welp, it's Friday again, time for more Monster Kid Home Movies... We have little Kerry Gammill with family and friends who make some fun junk from the sixties.

In this tale, Dracula has a run in with the Wolf Man. It starts with the Wolf Man seeking help from a friend to help him with his problem. So, the Wolf Man (Boy) gets locked in his room for the night...

Wouldn't you know it, Wolf Boy changes into a monster and breaks out of his room.

He attacks this guy and leaves a gash in his throat!.. What the Hell's going on?!

Then, little Dracula shows up...

The science guys are trying to figure out where Dracula is hiding. They climb climb the stairs to the attic and find proof that Drac is hanging out there!

Well, Wolf Boy kills Dracula, then he's hunted down and shot with a silver bullet by the science guys. He dies on a golf course, a fitting end to this tale!..

Now we have some makeup and action tests Kerry and his pals made in the same time frame...

Hey, lets see what it would look like if the Wolf Man jumps off something and battles Frankenstein!

Here's a test they did using their little battery powered bat on a string that flaps its wings.

Here's a makeup test of Dracula, the kids had some nice costumes... I think mom helped out! In fact, Eegah's mom was a master of costumes, she was helpful when we were some of those Monster Kids in the sixties.

This is some electricity charging up Frankie, made by scratching the film.

Another Dracula test.

Frankie doing some of his famous facial expressions...

We'll end with this pretty damn cool makeup of Lon Chaney from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, really nice for a bunch of Monster Kids... Tune in tomorrow when we return for another round of cool junk, later!..


Secret Squirrel said...

Nice stuff. When I was 13 or 14 (1970/71) my friends and I filmed a sci-fi movie we called "The Outer Gimmicks". I mention that because we had a laser pistol shot and after trying to work out how we could superimpose it on the film I just ended up solving the problem by just scratching a "laser" on each frame moving to the target (which was me) who then died. I thought this was a pretty good solution but reading this, it appears that others had the same idea years several years earlier (for bolts of electricity in this case).

We didn't bother with makeup and costumes (like the guys in your blog did), we were way too poor. That was also why we were using a very old "Double-8" camera that was very cheap because Super-8 was king.

TABONGA! said...

Yo SS - yeah, those were the good old days, so simple. Do you remember the makeup contest they had in issue #5 of Famous Monsters? That was pretty cool...

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