Wednesday, April 24, 2019

SERGEANT BERRY - 1938 - 1974

Tonight's Whack Job Wednesday is the story of "Sergeant Berry," and you can thank Lord Litter in Berlin for putting me up to it since I never heard of "Sergeant Berry" in my whole life until last week!
There are two parts, this German movie from 1938, and a German TV series from 1974, both with the same title.

I think this DVD might be available in Germany, but good luck even finding it there! Here's what the good Lord had to say about this TV series from 1975......
"Sergeant Berry is really almost Jess Franco doing a TV series (some of the episodes are shot in Spain .. and I guess I see some Franco actors there) .. the director is Harald Pillipp  (Jerry Cotton) who also appears as an actor .."
So you see, this series sounds like a lot of fun!

Robert Arden wrote the original novel, but doesn't seem to be credited in the movie or the TV series for some strange reason!

The 1938 German "Sergeant Berry" is a strange story of an American police officer sent to stop drug smugglers at the Mexican border.

It stars classic German actor Hans Albers as "Sergeant Berry!"
Hans Albers God given name is Hans Philipp August Albers, and the Director of the 1974 TV series is named Harald Philipp. Something seems strange about all that!

The swingin' music for the TV series is written by Dungeon all-star fave Peter Thomas, and you can buy this album on Amazon for $82.00 to check it out,..........

Looks like L.A. to me!
If you do an internet search for "Sergeant Berry," you'll get a lot more leads to Sergeant Barry Sadler, and "The Battle of the Green Berets," and "F-Troop" than you will to this "Sergeant Berry."

Sergeant Berry was on the air in Germany for 26 episodes. The first thirteen episodes starred Klausjürgen Wussow as Sergeant Berry, and the last thirteen episodes had Harald Juhnke in the lead role!

This lady is on her way to a get together of "Sergeant Berry's Bridge Club."
Don't feel bad, I don't get it either!

And then there's Sergeant's Cracker Band and their version of the theme song for "Sergeant Berry!"

And while I couldn't find that, here's a pretty nifty song called "Machucho" by Sergeant Cracker's Band, which I can only hope is the same as Sergeant's Cracker Band!
Really, your guess is as good as mine!

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