Friday, April 5, 2019

THE RAVEN / Joseph Bucan: Monster Kid Home Movies - 1970

Welp, here we go with another Monster Kid Home Movie, this time from 1970. It's a kid's adaptation of Poe's THE RAVEN, so, don't be surprised by what you see here!..

This 5 minute silent 8mm 'horror' story starts with something mysterious happening outside Edgar Allen Poe's country home on one dark and lonely night, somewhere...

Believe it or not, this is Edgar Allen Poe, at home, doing some reading and thinking...

Suddenly, Edgar hears something outside, he goes to the window, then to the door... Hmmm, WTF... By the way, nice curtains!

The sound is in the house now, Edgar turns around and the camera pans quickly across the room... The bottom still fascinates me.

And guess what?!.. There's a freaking... Well, novelty toy that looks like a Raven I guess. Anyway, Edgar has that required 'quote the Raven, nevermore' dialogue with the bird...

Then, the Raven turns into a girl!! Huh?!.. I picked out this still because it's just so stunning with all that crap on the print, great job guys!

So, they use a fan on the girl's hair for a spooky effect... Wow, scary!

The girl changes back into the Raven and Edgar tells it to get the Hell out!

Next thing we know, Edgar has disappeared... (?)

Then, we're outside, fade to black!

Here's a classic for you, it sez... The Emd, amazing!.. Stupid kids! So, there you go, join us tomorrow when Eegah!! will set 'em up, just to knock 'em back down!

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EEGAH!! said...

I love this one! Sometimes 50 cents is worth more than a million dollars!....................And NO!! I'm not a freakin' robot!!!

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