Friday, April 19, 2019

RETURN OF GIANT MAJIN / Colder Than Ice, Unyielding As Stone, Divine Retribution Is At Hand - 1966

Okay, here's one for Randall... In this follow up production, an evil warlord sets his sights on yet another village to conquer, this one by a lakeside. He kidnaps Katsushige and offers an ultimatum to the villagers to hand over one of their protectors, Lord Juro, in exchange for the release of the woman. But, Lord Juro and the brave village people defy the evil doers and decide to fight for their freedom. When their sacrifices seem in vain, they pray to their stone god to awaken and fight for them!

Here's Lord Juro, he has just found out that his village has been captured by an evil warlord and his people need his help desperately...

The warlord and his men outnumber and outgun the village people (ha ha) and they must submit to his orders, or, get sliced in half!

Some of the villagers escape to an island across the river where a peaceful tribe of people live. It's also where the giant stone protector Majin is located... The top still strikes a nerve with me for some reason, it's really surreal.

So, the warlord and crew, using boats, find the island, their plan is to destroy Majin and claim the island for themselves. The bastards stack a ton of explosives up and set the whole thing off, blowing the stone Hajin into a thousand pieces! Its head falls into the water.

One of the exploded pieces of the statue just happens to go through this dude's evil heart!

The warlord ties Katsushige to a cross and sets it on fire! She prays to Majin and a mysterious wind from nowhere blows the flames out.

Back at the ranch, Majin rises from the water and starts pummeling the warlord's men!

Majin goes to the village where the warlord has Katsushige bound. First, it easily pushes over that big stone wall before rescuing Katsushige from her tormentor.

Now, Majin has its sights set on the frightened little warlord... Oh, Lordie!

The warlord has set out more explosives for the giant, and, it goes off!....

Okay, now you really pissed him off!!..

And, this is the fate of the cry baby warlord after trying to escape in a boat. He looks pretty good as a dead man!

So, our big old hero, Majin, walks into the water, turns back to stone and disappears, just like I'm ready to do... Tune in tomorrow when we'll have even more cool junk 4 U.

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Randall Landers said...

I had no idea that the Japanese practiced crucifixion until seeing this movie and googling it. Another good outing for Majin (a Japanese word which can mean demon or magic). Thanks for this article!

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