Monday, April 15, 2019

MAJIN, THE MONSTER OF TERROR / Unbelievable! Unstoppable! - 1966

In this Daiei Studios production released for TV in the US by AIP, a samurai lord of a once peaceful village is murdered by one of his own men. The traitor claims the throne, forcing the lord's two small children to flee into the woods, where they conceal themselves near the huge stone statue of Daimajin (original title), the god of their village. After 10 years, the new samurai lord was proven to be very brutal and merciless towards the villagers. So, the villagers pray for the monster to awaken and to use his powers to save them from the treachery.

This thing stars Miwa Takada, Yoshihiko Aoyama, Jun Fujimaki, Ryûtarô Gomi, Ryûzô Shimada, you get the picture...

Here's the traitor in all his jerk face glory... He's a real ass!

The two in exile finally locate the giant stone Majin in the mountains where they're hiding.

There's a long patched countdown spot I guess at the end of reel 1, where they patched this image in at the very end! Man, that's a freaking crappy patch job, even for a cheapo TV print!

One of our heroes is threatened by a white hot poker!.. Like, fun, no?

Before the traitor kills this crafty old lady, she puts the curse of Majin on him!

Then, the bad guys find the stone Majin. They want to destroy the thing by driving a big metal stake into its forehead!

They complete their task and the spike was driven into its head. But then, they realize that they've opened a big old can of whup ass!.. Help, Mr Wizard!

The mofo Majin then flies through the air like a meteor and lands at the village the traitor took over... Now what?! Wow, that bottom still looks like a painting!

Well, the monster tears the crap out of the place, he's a'lookin' for that damn traitor!

Majin stomps on lots of bad guys as he lumbers through the village!

The traitor is found hiding in a building, he'a actually looking back into the eyes of Majin!

Majin grabs him, removes the stake, and nails the effer to a plank!.. Good job!

After its job was complete, well, Majin crumbles into a big pile of rubble, bringing our story to an end. So, tune in again on Wednesday when we return with more Dungeon Pogey Bait...


Randall Landers said...

I actually love this and the other two Majin movies. They're great fun, dealing with evil overlords mistreating the villagers until the villain forces majin's hand by impaling his forehead with a stick, blowing up his mountain or island, and almost always crucifying the prince or princess and burning them at the stake. Majin is always very slow to anger, but man, once he's riled up, get ready for some villain stomping mayhem. Even the innocent can suffer his wrath!

TC said...

Majin and Talos (from Jason & the Argonauts) scared the snot out of me when I was nine or ten. To this day, I still sometimes have nightmares about giant warrior statues coming to life!

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