Monday, April 22, 2019

MONDO KEYHOLE / You Will See It All Through... Mondo Keyhole! - 1966

Here's a wild one, Jack (SPIDER BABY) Hill co-directs, and is photographer and editor on this 1966 sexy horror production... Howard Thorne is a rapist in Los Angeles, he meets women at work and at parties, or, he sees them walking down the street and follows them, he terrifies them, he assaults them! He also dreams about these assaults and is unclear how much of what he's done is real and how much is fantasy. He ignores his heroin-using wife, Vicki, who tries everything she can think of to get his sexual attention. The couple go to a costume party separately where Vicki learns the full truth about his nature and that he's being stalked by one of his recent victims.

This one stars Nick (only acting credit) Moriarty, Adele (MY TALE IS HOT) Rein, Carol (INTERNATIONAL SMORGAS-BROAD) Baughman, Pluto (only acting credit) Felix, Christopher (only acting credit) Winters, Penelope (only acting credit) Faith and Cathy (DOWN AND DIRTY) Crowfoot... Wow, not much star power here!

So, Howard arrives home after work and gets this freaky surprise from his horror mask wearing wife Vicki, she'll do anything to get her hubby's attention!..

All Howard wants to do is have a stiff drink and relax after a hard day of being a pervert.

Unfortunately, Vicki has a a problem... Heroin!

She likes to shoot up and get sexy in front of the bathroom mirror, among other things...

In the meantime, Howard enjoys listening to 'punishment' records at work to feed his sickness.

Also at work, Howard and associates review their adult films they produce. Howard is totally surrounded by all the vices of his eventual downfall.

Back at home, Vicki gets all sexy with another mirror in her bedroom, cool pic!

So, it's time to go to the Hollywood Model's Ball, what the Hell could go wrong, right?..

What I really like about this flick are the many very cool horror shock masks they throw in the mix! They gots that wild old school look!

After the party, Howard hits the streets in a fog, looking for a cute girl to follow around and possibly rape, just for the thrill of it all...

He stalks and follows a girl into an elevator... He tries to attack her but what he doesn't know is that she knows karate! She knocks him out and drags him out of elevator...

He ends up in the room of the two dominatrix chicks in the movies his company produces, where he gets his just desserts!! Like, tune in on Wednesday when we'll be back with more insanity, just for you and yours!!

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