Friday, April 26, 2019

THE TERROR OF TINY TOWN / Little Guys With Big Guns! - 1938

Here's a weird one, it has a cast of Jed Buell's Midgets and there are a lot of them... In the story, an evil gun slinging crook comes to terrorize the good little people of Tiny Town, and, the townspeople must organize to defeat him. This thing's a real hoot and is fairly freakin' surrealistic...

Before the movie rolls, a tall announcer introduces the stars of flick, the good guy and the bad guy. They get in a hassle arguing over who wins at the end, because, you know, you'll just have to to watch it to find out! Definitely for the kids.

It stars Billy Curtis as The Hero (Buck Lawson), Yvonne Moray as The Girl (Nancy Preston), 'Little Billy' Rhodes as The Villain (Bat Haines), Billy Platt as The Rich Uncle (Jim 'Tex' Preston), John T. Bambury as The Ranch Owner (Pop Lawson), Joseph Herbst as The Sheriff, Charles Becker as The Cook (Otto), Nita Krebs as The Vampire (Nita, the dance hall girl), etc., etc.

Here's our little cowboy hero Billy Curtis as Buck, he's Tiny Town's good guy...

And who shows up in Tiny Town? Well, that's one mean hombre named Bat!.. Rat would be more like it!.. Where is he, anyway?

Over at the dance hall, some musicians are playing a tune, looks like the only thing tiny in Tiny Town are the little people living there, the surrealism starts to kick in...

The half-pint bar tender chugs down like a half gallon glass of beer, I guess for some more comedy relief, what's really funny is that he chokes on it before he finishes it off!

Anyway, back to the plot... So, Bat has just killed one of Buck's pals, he runs to the Sheriff and claims that Buck killed him! After knocking Bat to the floor, the Sheriff arrests Buck and takes him to the jail! Good old law of the west.

Okay, check this shit out!..

Lookit Mike!.. I found this vintage cook's outfit all by myself, and, I can make an offer all by myself! Quit butting in.

Little Frankie's looking good after he does some shopping while picking in Texas.

Frank finds a very nice early 1900's gambling machine he wants to make an offer on! But, he's thinking.. Should I bundle?

Back to the action!.. Bat gets everyone drunk at the bar, puts thoughts into their heads and so they all rush over to the jail to take Buck and hang him high!! The way they have to get up on the walk is freakin' hilarious!!

The Sheriff tries to stop the mayhem only to get shot by Bat, and, the murderer then escapes!

Some of Buck's boys show up and have the sorry shits drop their guns... Slowly!!

The Girl has gone to Bat's hideout and puts some TNT under the floor and lights it, then she splits. Bat shows up and tries to grab his blood money and leave the state. Buck shows up and a little old fight ensues...

Danger Will Robinson!.. That fuse is getting pretty damn short!!

Buck knocks Bat out and darts out the door and runs away from the hideout after the Girl yells to him that the place is ready to explode! Bat goes to the window, gets a bead on Buck, when... KA-BLOOWIE!! Bringing our little story to an abrupt end... Tune in tomorrow when Eegah!! will bring the pain!..

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