Saturday, October 7, 2017

PAURA NELLA CITTÀ DEI MORTI VIVENTI - Lucio Fulci - "City Of The Living Dead" (The Gates Of Hell) (1980)

Rosina Sul Fiocco E Qui Andiamo!
It's tomb for another Saturday Night Special Halloween Countdown from way down deep in the nasty, dirty, and dusty catacombs of The Dungeon!

The devil fiddles at midnight, does he not, and it was just a harvest moon, so what did you expect, exactly?

You're in trouble!
Lucio Fulci started his film career working on musicals, comedies, and westerns, but it was no time at all before he would be tagged as "The Godfather Of Gore," and/or "The Spaghetti Splatter King!"

I'm thinking this movie might have some bad juju that goes along with it, because while writing this, my computer went into some weird cluster mode I've never experienced before!

If this event would not have happened, there would be no story! I'll be honest with you, "City Of The Living Dead" cornfused the Heck out of me, but then I am just a country boy, "But the train's coming round the bend!" I've also been listening to a lot of Velvet Underground lately!

If you've got a weak stomach, then keep a barf bag handy, because you're gonna need it!

Fulci went all out on the budget! I'm absolutely sure that finding this station wagon, and acquiring the Junie's Lounge location must have put him back at least 20 bucks!

This is it!
 Just about the only still I could get that wasn't gross, disgusting, disturbing or confusing!

"The City Of The Dead" is quite stark as you would imagine!

Christopher George has a special place in The Dungeon, we've just never quite figured out where it is, and here's why! He's always just a little different and it really shows in movies like
"Project X," and "Graduation Day!"

With Fulci at the helm, get ready for shots like this!

Great shot of this bomb!

Now it's time for the maggot storm which asked a lot of the actors involved I'm sure!

Here's a sneak preview of the new retro iPhone 13 witch is due to come out at the end of civilization!

"I'm really thirsty, got anything to drink?"
and now, it's.....

......Time for a word from our sponsor,
 "The Beer That Made Milwaukee famous!"

Here's my biggest problem with "City Of The Living Dead," although it is set in New England, and despite the story line, and the fact that a lot of the locations were shot in America, it still seemed to me like it was happening in Italy!

Oh, Damn, that smarts!
Yeah, you got it, there are no heroes!

Fractured, Splintered, or any way you want to put it, in the vernacular.
There ain't no happy ending, and this isn't a movie for the faint of heart, or kids!

"Paura Nella Città Dei Morti Viventi" was also released as ..
"The Gates Of Hell,"
witch might actually be a more accurate title! And if you live anywhere near this place, don't let your kids go out trick or treating! Actually, don't let them go out at all!

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