Friday, October 27, 2017


Here's a cool post featuring Hammer's sci-fi movies from the fifties, although there are only five of them, they pack a wallop of bizarro thrills to never be forgotten!..

First up is FOUR SIDED TRIANGLE from 1953, it's about a couple who are helped by their friend to develop a "reproducer" machine which can exactly duplicate any object, including the girl of two men's dreams. What the Hell could go wrong?! Terence Fisher wrote the screenplay.

Also in 1953, Hammer releases their first space opera, SPACEWAYS. I used to watch this boring flick on TV in the fifties, but, the rubber space monster never showed up!! Terence Fisher directs this one. Love those space helmets!!

Then in 1955, Hammer ratchets up the horror with THE QUATERMASS XPERIMENT, a space infection enters the body of Victor Carroon and the creep show begins!! Val Guest directs.

In 1956, Hammer brings in master writer, and my favorite, Jimmy (THE CRAWLING EYE) Sangster to pen this brutal fright fest!! Hammer came under much condemnation for this unbelievable horror tale. I mean, like, they even kill off a young boy!!!

Last on the list is QUATERMASS 2, luckily, I got to see this one when it came out in 1957. Loved the crap out of it, blobs intrigue me big time. For the rest of the fifties though, Hammer concentrated on horror films with vampires and Frankenstein monsters... Tune in tomorrow and Monday for our last Halloween Countdown posts, I've been saving a very special movie for our last submission!!


Randall Landers said...

I love X THE UNKNOWN because the creature kills a LOT of innocent people, including Anthony Newley!

TC said...

IIUC, Hammer wanted to use Quatermass as the protagonist in X the Unknown, but the BBC or whoever owned the copyright/trademark would not allow it. So the character was renamed Dr. Royston.

The Quatermass Experiment (US title: The Creeping Unknown) and Quatermass 2 (US: Enemy From Space) were based on British TV serials. A third series, Quatermass and the Pit, was adapted to a feature film by Hammer in 1967. In the US, it was released under the title Five Million Years to Earth.

A final series, The Quatermass Conclusion, was broadcast in Great Britain in 1979.

TABONGA! said...

TC - thanks for the Quatermass perspective...

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