Monday, October 23, 2017

MICKEY MOUSE In "The Mad Doctor" / Disney - 1933

I wuz watching some old Thunderbean cartoons yesterday and came across this wild Mickey Mouse cartoon. What I noticed was that Disney cartoons were a cut above the average laff!

This thing has Mickey, Pluto, a Chicken and a Mad Doctor in a very weird tale of Horror!!

It starts on a stormy, rainy night. The still shows Mickey's house as a lightning bolt lights up the place, you can see the beautiful artwork the Disney team was capable of!

Well, Pluto goes missing... He's being taken by a phantom character for some unknown reason, to an old castle built on a bolder that looks like a giant skull.

Mickey follows them and is pulled through the door as he holds on to the bell ringing cord! You can see that the place belongs to DR. XXX!

Once inside, Mickey is attacked by a bunch of huge Wolvertonesque bats, so cool!

Mickey goes into a room with a blazing fireplace, he turns around to see he's surrounded by two big ghastly monsters... But, it's only iron fireplace figurines!

Then, Mickey has a few bouts with skeletons. One pops out of a pillar and blows out his match, others pop out of stairs to terrify him!

Once Pluto is secured along with a hen, the Phantom rips off his cloak to reveal who he really is... The freakin' Mad Doctor!!

Okay then, see if you can figure out the doc's equation for his experiment... Yes, he's going to cut Pluto and the hen in half, attach them together and make a new creature, a dog-chicken that lays eggs!!

Gee whiz, I wonder why they call him the Mad Doctor!

Mickey's still trying to locate Pluto and falls into a giant spider web with a bony spider!

In the lab, the doctor shows Pluto what he has in mind, he cuts his shadow in half!!

Now it's Mickey's turn to face the saw that cuts things in half!!

But, as always when things seem a little too weird in a cartoon, well of course, it was nothing more than a bad dream! Pluto and Mickey are fine, making for a happy ending! We keep Halloween Countdown 2017 rolling along on Wednesday, be there, or...

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Caffeinated Joe said...

Goodness, scary for a Disney cartoon, but I am thinking MODERN Disney. I guess this was more in-line with things back then. I don't think I have ever seen it before. Looks like spooky good fun!

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