Friday, October 13, 2017

THE FLY II / Brooksfilms, Saul Zaentz Film Center - 1989

One good swat deserves another! I posted THE FLY on Monday, so, it's time for THE FLY II. This follow up story goes like this... A few months after the Brundle Fly insect met its demise by a shotgun blast, Veronica, pregnant with Seth's baby, dies while giving birth to their son, Martin. Seth's corrupt employer, Anton Bartok, adopts Martin, only for the reason that Martin can solve new problems that the still-functioning telepods present, and, to use him as a guinea pig because of his dormant insect genes!.. Oh, and, Happy Friday the 13th!!

This one stars Eric (MASK) Stoltz as Martin Brundle, Daphne (THE DORM THAT DRIPPED BLOOD) Zuniga as Beth Logan, Lee (narrator in NETWORK) Richardson as Anton Bartok and John (ZODIAC) Getz, who appears in one scene as the horribly wounded Stathis Borans from part 1.

Here's what Martin looks like when he was born, the surgeons peel off the outer layer of yuck which reveals a normal looking baby!

Martin, as he's growing up, is basically a genius like his father!

At the evil Bartok Industries, they're trying to work out the teleporter problems. They put a Golden Retriever in the pod, and, after teleportation, the poor dog is a monster that bites the fingers off a dumb ass assistant... Hurrah!!! Nothing pisses me off more than animal experiments in movies, and, real life!!

In the meantime, Martin meets Beth, a worker at Bartok Industries. They fall for each other and she helps him work on fixing the teleporter to function properly.

Martin finds out the the evil motives of Bartok Industries and breaks out after an altercation with the sadistic guards working there. He's starting to mutate, so, they search out Stathis Borans for help. But, Stathis is still angry over the whole ordeal and refuses!

To hide from the company's goons, Martin and Beth go to the Rest Easy Motel. Love that sign!

Alas, Martin is captured and brought back to the lab for study! He's now a giant mess and Beth is basically a prisoner of Bartok Industries.

Martin breaks free from his cocoon and is being chased by some of the guards. This guy gets a face full of flesh eating spray, and, the fluid totally does its thang!!

Then, Martin breaks into the lab to confront Anton Bartok. Thing is though, Anton wants Martin alive to continue his experiments with the teleporter, it'll make him a freakin' gazillionaire if the problems can be ironed out!..

Scorby, the head guard, doesn't agree with Bartok's call and fires away at Martin! It doesn't turn out too well for him when he becomes the next victim. Scorby is played by Brit Garry Chalk, this dude has an astronomical 373 acting credits, wowzers!

Bartok tries to reason with Martin, but, Martin ain't buying it! He drags the evil dick into the chamber with himself and Beth presses the button that activates the teleporter!

What comes out isn't pretty, he's attached to Bartok in a scene out of THE CURSE OF THE FLY, remember that one?! Anyway, Beth pulls all the gunk off of Martin and guess what? Yes, Martin is fine, but!..

Bartok ends up in the cage they put the monster dog in, a just dessert for the dirty bitch, bringing our story to a happy ending for a change!! So, tune in tomorrow when we'll bring you more Halloween Countdown Goods...


Anonymous said...

Garry Chalk with 373 acting credits beats out John Carradine's 351, but the one dude I'm aware of having the most is Eric Roberts, with a whopping 478!

TABONGA! said...

Freaking amazing!!!

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