Monday, October 30, 2017

NIGHT OF THE DEMONS / Blue Rider Pictures - 1988

Okay, here we go with our last Halloween Countdown 2017 post, a fun little story that goes like this... For Halloween, ten teens decide to go to a party at an abandoned funeral parlor, the old Hull House, that's rumored to have been built on an evil patch of land! While starting the party, the teens gather around a big mirror to perform a seance, and so, awaken some evil inside. They find themselves trapped and being taken over by the evil force...

There are many stars in this movie but I'll just mention the most interesting character, Suzanne, played by the hot, hot, hot, Linnea Quigley! Gawd, talk about a perfect female specimen!! She has 147 acting credits that includes six that are in some form of production as I write, you go girl!

Well, it's Halloween and the kids are out trick or treating. The teens in the car are heading out to the old Hull House for a party with some other friends, ignorance is bliss!

One of the two things I remember about seeing this movie is this scene here, Suzanne is in a convenience store, checking out I guess, laundry detergent, while the clerks stare at a little slice of heaven on Earth (help me, Lord)!

This is pretty funny, Suzanne distracts the clerks while her friend, Angela, packs her big candy bag full of snacks for the party! Now, that's what I call... Clever!!

After all the teens arrive at Hull House, the party begins. They dance and then have a seance where the mirror they're using falls and gets broken!

Then, a green fog appears and is inhaled by Suzanne... So, what the Hell's going on?

A slight intermission... Here are some stickers on a boom box, they were popular bands at the time, T.S.O.L., MOTORHEAD, FEAR, THE DEAD KENNEDYS and POISON. It's also when our arty garage band, HERMANOS GUZANOS, was in full bloom... Ah, memories.

Now then, this is the other thing I remember about the story, the crazy 'lipstick' scene! Don't worry, that's just a rubber mold of her chesticalogical area! Anyway, damn, first she draws on herself, then, pushes the lipstick tube deep inside her boob!! I mean, who came up with this?!!

At this point, Angela is also possessed, she shows off her flaming hands to everyone!

The fun just never stops!!

This is how a demon likes to make love!

This is how a demon likes to kick dude's ass!!

Sal comes across his own tombstone, time of death... Tonight!

Angela's looking like a full fledged demon now, jeez, ouch!!

Okay, everbloody's a freakin' demon except for two teens who climb over the wall and get away. They are barely able to send the demons back to from where they camest!

The head honcho demon show it's ugly puss just in time to go Poof! Well, there you have it, the end of the countdown, Five.. Four.. Three.. Two.. One.. ZERO!

Happy Halloween to all our viewers out there in the Helium!!

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