Friday, October 6, 2017

EATEN ALIVE / Mars Productions Corporation - 1976

It's Friday, and, time for more Halloween Countdown fodder for the masses!.. This story is about Judd, he runs the run down Starlight Hotel out in a swampy place outside of town and is unfortunately a real nut job, and, has a crocodile conveniently placed in the water below the hotel's front porch railing! The monster will eat just about anything, as the hapless guests at the hotel are about to find out! A reformed hooker and the father and sister of the girl all suffer various types of terror as Judd tries to cover up the crimes.

This Toby Hooper production stars Neville (WITHOUT WARNING) Brand as Judd, Mel (NIGHTMARE CITY) Ferrer as Harvey Wood, Carolyn (THE ADDAMS FAMILY) Jones as Miss Hattie, Marilyn (THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE) Burns as Faye, William (PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE) Finley as Roy, Stuart (SHOCK TREATMENT) Whitman as Sheriff Martin and Robert (Freddy) Englund as Buck.

Get used to this spot in the movie, it's the railing that has a giant crocodile that dwells in the water at Judd's beat up Starlight Hotel. Here's Judd tossing a woman into the water after attacking her with a steel rake!

Visiting Roy is drunk on his ass and wants to shoot a crocodile, you know, booze and guns! They use a red filter to designate dusk here. Anyway, Judd attacks Roy with his trusty sickle, then, as he's laying against the rail, the croc pulls his ass into the water, never to be seen again!!

Later, Sheriff Martin takes Harvey over to see Miss Hattie to discuss his problems. She gives him some insight into the disappearance of his daughter and they leave.

Harvey goes back to the hotel to confront Judd about his daughter, Judd grabs his sickle again and charges at the unsuspecting victim!

In a bizarre scene, the sickle gets stuck through Harvey's neck, pretty sickening! Judd has trouble getting the sickle out of Harvey's neck but he eventually tosses him into the water just like all the others!!

Buck and his girlfriend are horny and go to the hotel for some fun, but, Buck ends up in the water and the crocodile chomps away on him too! Wow, Robert looks so young here!

Oh yeah, there's a little girl there that gets chased by Judd, she hides under the hotel and has to crawl through a ton of creepy spider webs!! Judd is ready to grab her when the Sheriff shows up, whew!..

Back in the mad hotel, Judd is trying to catch two girls that got loose. He charges at one of them and almost falls out the window, then, pushes the other girl through the railing and she ends up on the floor below, battered!

Then, the little girl barely escapes when the croc chases her under the hotel. She gets hung up on the wire fence and is an easy target for the monster that has gone back into the water!

Judd is trying to shake the little girl loose from the fence, when, the wounded girl shows up and pushes Judd over the fence and onto the ground at the edge of the water. And, guess what happens next?!..

So, there you have it, the little girl is saved and everything turns out as good as it could! Tune in tomorrow when Eegah!! takes the pumpkin by the vines!!


EEGAH!! said...

Pretty amazing cast! A 70's Supergroup! Weird to see Neville Brand with long hair!

Anonymous said...

Funny to see Martin Landau crazy like that, too! Oh, my bad...I forgot he was in WITHOUT WARNING (and SPACE: 1999)!

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