Friday, October 20, 2017


Here's an early bag o' eye candy from our buddies south of the border, it's a mixed bag of wild horror and sci-fi lobby cards to tempt your brain's happy place!

I'll lead off with THE WHITE GORILLA, this sucker pops like a firecracker in your back pocket! I'm hoping Eegah!! will dig it the most!..

Here's a wild poster for DEVIL BAT'S DAUGHTER, a fairly rare pseudo horror tale where the heroine thinks she's a vampire, but isn't...

Next is THE SPIDER WOMAN, a great Sherlock Holmes tale starring the awesome team of Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce! Wow, that's a crazy looking spider!

This is the lobby card for THE MYSTERY OF THE GREEN SPIDER, a West German murder mystery with some very cool music and spider webs, if you believe the poster!

Here's a colorful card for CAT-WOMEN OF THE MOON, it has dancing Moon girls and an insert of the rocket from DESTINATION MOON!!

I've even included another cool lobby card for TARGET EARTH, great images with some flying saucers, one looks like the saucer from THIS ISLAND EARTH.

Love this poster for IT CONQUERED THE WORLD, it looks like it could be a paperback cover!!

Here's a very nice card for TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE with cool images of destruction!

This is an interesting card for THE GHOST JESTERS, obviously a Mexican comedy where the ghosts of a couple are invoked from the beyond by accident by a scam artist.

I've always loved these lobby cards from THE AZTEC MUMMY and THE AZTEC MUMMY VERSES THE HUMAN ROBOT. Nice layouts and colors make them very desirable collector items!

Here's a great card for THE SHIP OF MONSTERS, a fun little Mexican flick. Notice again, the spaceship shown is from DESTINATION MOON, I still have this card in my collection!

This lobby card for BLUE DEMON in HELLISH SPIDERS is pretty kitsch, the insert shows Fernando Osés as the guy with the spider hand!

Here's a wild card from SANTO in ANONYMOUS DEATH THREAT, has a mix of Christian crosses verses Nazi swastikas to get the point across!

Our last card is for RIFIFI A GO-GO, dude doesn't need to be so damn serious, loosen up, it's just go-go girls!! Join us again tomorrow when Eegah!! should have something special for us!


Caffeinated Joe said...

Colorful, dynamic fun, even if they movies themselves weren't as exciting. The one for THE GHOST JESTERS looks quite interesting. LOL

Anonymous said...

WOW! These are terrific and fun. Thanks for posting them! :D

Grant said...

I think they stopped eventually, but one of my local Spanish stations used to show these kinds of movies right and left. (When it comes to a lot of Spanish TV stations, you don't mind the commercial breaks, because they're so full of "cheesecake"!)

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