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ALONE IN THE DARK - The Sick F*cks - "Chop Up Your Mother" (1982)

 I'm gonna get my first part of this Halloween Countdown started with some scary 80's shit called,

"Alone In The Dark" is a weirdass movie that comes across as a violent TV movie that includes nudity and cussing! Three of the main characters are a trilogy of incomparable talent, which makes it even more confusing! I started working on this post last week before the shootings in Las Vegas, otherwise I would have picked out something less violent. Violence in the movies is one thing, an escape, but when reality becomes so repugnantly ugly, senselessly savage and innocent people are killed or injured, it's a different story. I think it's time to try and go back to the 60's, you know, "C'Mon people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another,
right now!" - The Youngbloods

This initial dream sequence is pretty surreal, and every bit as good as a lot of David Lynch's best work!

Clutter is okay as long as it's organized!

This is a beautiful looking place, but if you're not rich, upkeep would be a nightmare unto itself!

One of the main cast members is the always amazing and entertaining Donald Pleasence as the pot smoking Doctor who thinks there's good in everybody, even blood thirsty psycho-maniacs! He's going to have to learn a lesson, and find out the truth, the hard way!

About 80% of 80's horror movies are garbage, but there is usually some kind of saving grace that makes it all worthwhile, and for me, tonight's feature is no exception! The new Doctor on the job who the patients don't like because they think he killed their old Doctor, who really just got a better job, has a sister who comes to town as played by Lee (Pulsebeat, Stargate, TekWar) Taylor-Allan. She's younger, and looking like she just stepped off the set of "Get Crazy," so it's time to go out to a club!!

And they end up in a club where the notorious New York punk band The Sick Fucks, also known as The Sick F*cks, are playing a sweet and sentimental ode to Mom!

My audio software is  screwing up, so thanks to all the people who put up clips like this on Youtube! I'm not quite sure why they made this clip so long, so just cut to the 4:50 mark to get to the good stuff!

No kidding, the two female singers in the band, Tish and Snooky, now own a very successful cosmetics and hair dye business in New York that is still going strong today!
Chop, Chop, I guess!!

The Psychotic Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse!

Then there were three! That's Martin Landau on the left, and Jack Palance on the right with Erland (The Running Man) van Lidth stuck in the middle! I can only hope that you know who both Martin Landau and Jack Palance are. These two guys have done it all! The 6'6" Erland is less known, only because he died at the age of 34. Just for the record, Erland was also an accomplished opera singer!

35 years later, and the world is no better off!

Martin (Mission Impossible) Landau won an Oscar for his role as Bela Lugosi in the 1995 movie "Ed Wood." He was also nominated for two other Oscars, won three Golden Globes, and was nominated for six Emmys. He was a unique personality!

"Alone In The Dark" is pretty brutal at times!!

Martin Landau does a damn fine job at being bat shit krazy!

Carol Levy as Bunky the babysitter found out that it was safer and she could make a lot more money selling real estate in New York!
Now you know where the image on that poster came from!

This is the cover of one of my favourite paperbacks! I've had it for over 50 years and I need to read it again before it disintegrates, so I thought I'd share it before it's gone forever! The bottom line here is that if you're "Alone By Night," or "Alone In The Dark," neither is a good place to be on Halloween!
So just find somebody to hold your hand, and everything will work out right!

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