Friday, July 14, 2017

THE AMAZING TRANSPLANT / Mostest Productions - 1970

Here's a weird one from Something Weird video, filmed in Brooklyn, New York City!.. The story goes like this ~ A seemingly pleasant dude, Arthur, goes berserk and rapes any woman he notices wearing gold earrings! One woman tells the investigating detective (who's Arthur's uncle) that she was raped, she flashes back to an erotic love making scene for the details. Another girl, a lesbian, relates a story in flashback that is totally kinky. Other women tell about their encounters with Arthur. and, we find out from a doctor that Arthur underwent a penis transplant with a just-dead friend, not knowing he was a serial rapist who preyed on women with gold earrings.

Well, it all starts when this oversexed gal sets up a meeting with Arthur at her place later that evening. And, guess what happens to her after our fiend notices her gold earrings?..

And, while visiting this lady, the same thing happens! Ladies, wear some silver or something, didn't you read the damn script?

Here's the guy on the case, Detective Barlen, the uncle of Arthur. Check out that mustache of his, clearly not one he grew for the part.

Eventually, Arthur goes back to his doctor to tell him the bad things that are happening to him!

So, doc has no choice...

It's time to replace his evil ding dong with a normal one. After some time on the operating table, the deed is done!..

But, when Arthur is confronted by his detective uncle, he pulls a knife on him! His uncle talks him into turning himself in, and, he goes to trial...

This is pretty cool, the viewer has no clue if Arthur was found guilty or not guilty! Okay, so, we're back to tomorrow with more cool junk, here at The Dungeon!!

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Anonymous said...

One of the few Doris Wishman films I've never seen...not sure I want to, either! :0

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