Saturday, July 29, 2017

IT! - "Curse Of The Golem" (1967)

Tonight's Saturday Night Special is one of the few monster movies from the 60's that we haven't done yet, so let's just check it out, because although it's kind of silly, it's really not too bad!

It's called "It!" and/or sometimes, "Curse Of The Golem!"

The star of the show is Dungeon perennial favourite Roddy (Planet Of The Apes) McDowall!

So just what is a Golem anyway? In Jewish folklore, a Golem is an animated anthropomorphic
being that is magically created entirely from inanimate matter like clay or mud! In this film, it is a sculpture!

This Golem appears to be having his way with this guy, and although he can move his arms and legs, this time he just fell straight down and crushed the guy under the weight of his 3000 pounds!

I love London's swingin' sixties neon lights!!

This is Roddy's wishshewas girlfriend as played by Jill (Horror House) Haworth in this dream sequence!

Roddy manages to take the Golem out for a destructive walk! I guess everybody was too stoned to notice!!

This shot is the epitome of non-hippie 1967 in my less than humble opinion!

Roddy can't take any more of the mayhem and murder and commands the Golem to go away and not come back, and when that doesn't work, he tries to set him on fire!!

Next thing he knows, the Golem is back in the museum!

Great shot of Roddy's pad!

The Golem is a lost and lonely soul! He was just doing what was asked of him!

The Golem is one tough customer! First they try and take him out with a bazooka blast, and then a tank, and when that doesn't work...........

...............They go completely mind-boggling insane.......and...

......Hit the Golem with a nuclear bomb!! WTF?!!

And even that doesn't stop the thing!!!

In the end, the only thing that can destroy the Golem, is the Golem himself, and that's what he chooses to do, and he walks off into the ocean and away from all the destruction caused by man that was far worse than anything he had done!! Talk about a story about misunderstanding! Wow!!


Professor Brian O'Blivion said...

Really enjoy this one. Great write up!

EEGAH!! said...

Thanx Prof! We appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

So, when IT! started walking toward the ocean, did the people chant "GO LEM! GO LEM! GO LEM GO!"

(Oops, I was channeling the spirit of late great 4SJ for a moment there...)


EEGAH!! said...

Yep! That'exactly what happened!

Dr. Theda said...

We remember this one's TV Premiere as a small kid... (CBS Late Movie) late one Friday Night... Good post Guys !! a pleasant week to you both... and Hello from Marshville...

Anonymous said...

I remember hat CBS Late Movie premiere also...oddly, this film was my into to the Golem story. Love the Wegener silent from Kino...loved the tinted scenes, too, but it and a couple other of my primo DVDs of silent classics are long gone. Let a friend "borrow" them back in 2003 or so, and of course I never saw the DVDs or those people again.

Anonymous said...


Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??