Monday, July 3, 2017


Here are Vinnie's horror and sci-fi flicks from the fifties. Man, he was such an icon, just so perfect for his roles, he could be the likable good guy, or, he could be the most evil man on Earth!.. We salute you, Mr. Dungeon Hero!

First up is HOUSE OF WAX from 1953, originally released in 3-D. Vinnie plays Prof. Henry Jarrod, horribly scarred by fire, full of revenge for the ones responsible for the crimes against him!.. Great make up job, I mean, like, really creepy!!

In 1954 Vinnie stars as the devious Gallico the Great in THE MAD MAGICIAN. Although the movie was filmed in black and white, it was also released in 3-D to thrill the audiences back then!

Vinnie then stars as Omar Khayyam in the lighthearted SON OF SINBAD in 1955. Here he is with a group of harem girls that would make anyone happy!

He gets to play The Devil with gusto in THE STORY OF MANKIND in 1957, a strange flick with a pile of famous actors to fill out the lineup!

Vinnie hits his stride in 1958 with THE FLY as François Delambre, brother of the title character. Saw this one the same year, scared the crap out of me. Also, a very sad flick...

In 1959, he stars as Frederick Loren in the William Castle classic, HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL. Again, you can never tell if he's the good guy or the bad guy, another perfect role for him!

I also saw RETURN OF THE FLY in 1959, Vinnie returns (ha ha) as the uncle of the new Fly monster. This is one whacked out movie, but, very enjoyable seeing that big old fly head!

Vinnie's back in 1959 in another William Castle classic, THE TINGLER... What's the wildest part of this movie is that Dr. Chapin (Vinnie) shoots himself up with LSD!!!

Our last offering is THE BAT from 1959, Vinnie stars as Dr. Wells who teams up with Agnes Moorehead in this mystery thriller... Welp, there you go, we're back on Wednesday with even more, from, The Dungeon!!


Randall Landers said...

My favorite is his role as Prospero in MASQUE OF THE RED DEARH.

Anonymous said...

I vote for his Robur in MASTER OF THE WORLD. -KD

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