Friday, July 28, 2017

PIGS IS PIGS / Warner Bros. - 1937

It's time for some color, here's a great WB cartoon that fills the bill... The story's about Piggy, he's obsessed with food and that's all he can think about. That night, after being a pig at the dinner table, Piggy has a very interesting nightmare about food...

This cartoon was produced by Leon Schlesinger, the voice actors were Billy Bletcher as the Mad Scientist (with 463 acting credits, mostly voice over, his last credit was for the 1971 TV movie where he played Pappy Yokum), Bernice (all cartoon voice over) Hansen plays Piggy and Martha (THE BEATNIKS) Wentworth as Mama Pig.

Instead of playing with his siblings, Piggy likes to sit there, just thinking about his favorite subject... FOOD!!

He's the first one to the dinner table and tries to grab some fruit before the main course is served, but, Mama Pig smacks his hands with a big stick!

Piggy ties all the plates of spaghetti together, so, when he inhales his food, he gets it all. Mama Pig gives him an ear full for being such a little pig!

Well, it's time for beddy-by and someone turns on the bathroom light for a fast pit stop!

Piggy can't sleep because ha can't stop thinking about that delicious food! Then, he's suddenly at the door of a scientist who invites him in...

He asks Piggy if he wants to sit in the chair and enjoy some tasty food. He says yes, but, it's a trick and Piggy ends up strapped down in a very scientific looking seat instead!

Piggy drops down into the basement where the Mad Scientist works the special control system.

It seems like the scientist is going to help Piggy out with his obsession with food, the first thing up is a giant bowl of soup which feeds him with spinning spoons!

Twelve bananas is the second course, squeezed out of the peels and go right down his throat!

Then, it's time for ice cream, blasted into his mouth with much force!

Next up is spinning pies, which he eats three of... Oh, my tummy!!

The deed is done and Piggy looks like he's actually full for a change!

He's free to leave, so, he sloshes along but notices a tasty turkey leg, just sitting there!

And, Piggy goes... KA-BOOM!! He's had one bite too many!

Well, he wakes up only to realize that it was just a bad dream!... WHEW!! And, when Mama Pig calls the little piggies to breakfast, Piggy's there in half a second and starts shoveling the grub down his throat!.. Which proves, PIGS IS PIGS!! So, we're back tomorrow when Eegah!! will have something special for a Saturday!

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