Wednesday, July 19, 2017

SODA SQUIRT - UB I Werks - "A Flip Cartoon" (1933)

A couple of months ago I did a post called Over a 100 Years of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,
but it seems I neglected this cartoon from 1933, so it's time to fix that and have a Way-out Wednesday at the same time, cause once you get over the hump, the rest of the downhill trip is gravy!

Flip the Frog's here to serve it up to you, in  a strange little U B I, and I be you Werks tale called "Soda Squirt!"

Flip's having a grand opening for his all new joint!

All the big name celebrities of the day show up like Laurel and Hardy....

....And that oh so mad monk, Rasputin (Lionel Barrymore!)

Groucho, Chico, Harpo, and even Zeppo Marx show up too!

Buster Keaton and Jimmy Duranted come along too, probably to enjoy the "Grilled Lamb Kidneys with Bacon!"  Gotta be better than the frog legs!!

It's never mentioned, but by the looks of it, there's got to be booze in that drink!

Mae West comes by and heats the place up a bit!

Known for his big mouth, Joe E. Brown eats everything but one piece!

Then, an unknown, but extremely effeminate man makes the scene!

Flip is so taken with Mae West, he makes the man a kitchen sink drink rhat even includes tacks!

What can I say? It's an amazing transformation scene!!

And out pops the Frederic March version of Mr. HYde!

Flip has to get everything back in order the way it used to be, so he literally kicks Mr. Hyde's ass!

After a great start, it really turned into a big zero of a day!


Anonymous said...

Looked it up on YouTube...I'm not a big animation fan, but this is great stuff! I'm supposed to be working today, but EEK!!

EEGAH!! said...

Working is overrated, enjoy some time away! Cartoons are a much better way to waste your life! Now if I could just find some free money, I'd do the same thing!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I should have said EEGah!! instead of EEK! Still trying to figure out if there are really two people running your site, or one with a split personality (like Jekyll and Hyde) <--- tie-in (! or !!)?

Free money is what I used to get cashing in my empty NEHI Grape Soda bottles, just in time for immediate spending on 12 cent comic books (preferably Charltons with art by Ditko)!

TABONGA! said...

Anon - Yes, there are two of us, too much work for just one dude...

EEGAH!! said...

EEk!! Worked just the same, and as Tabonga said, there are two of us, and from the things you write, you must be about the same age as us also, cause nobody else knows what the Hell Nehi is! Makes me long for a Delaware Punch right about now!!

TABONGA! said...

I think about Delaware Punch all the time! Concord grapes... And, how about Double Cola!

Grant said...

I've seen him caricatured with the others in places like movies posters and books like "The Marx Brothers Scrapbook," but I never expect to see ZEPPO caricatured with the others anyplace else, like a cartoon. But it's 1933 and he's still part of the team, so it makes sense.

For a second I thought Buster Keaton was Eddie Cantor. I guess if they made the eyes a lot wider there would be a little resemblance.

Anonymous said...

Every time I see any of the Marx Brothers in any form, I can't help but think of Irwin Allen's bizarre THE STORY OF MANKIND! One of my most favorite freaky flicks! :D

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