Monday, July 10, 2017

BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN / Universal Pictures - 1935

Seems amazing we never did this one, but anyway, Henry Frankenstein and the monster are both alive, not killed as previously believed. Frankenstein wants to get out of the monster creating business, but when a mad scientist, Dr. Pretorius, kidnaps his wife, Frankenstein agrees to help him create a new creature, a woman, as a companion for the monster! Wonder how that'll turn out?...

This wild movie stars Boris as the Monster, Colin Clive is Henry Frankenstein, Ernest Thesiger plays Doctor Pretorius, Elsa Lanchester becomes the Monster's Bride and Dwight Frye as assistant Karl.

The story starts at the castle, the Monster is presumed dead, but when an old woman hears someone in the ruins, she offers a hand to help him out. Stupid idea, once out, he picks her up and tosses her down the hole on her head!!!

In the meantime, Doctor Pretorius tracks down Henry and wants him to hear all about his wild experiments, including miniaturizing a queen and king! Henry is totally amazed, but he doesn't want to play God any more....

The locals finally capture the Monster and abuse him before he's taken to a Bavarian prison. It doesn't take long before he breaks out of the prison and is loose yet again!

After being wounded by a hunter, the big guy finds his way to a hermit's house, you can see him staring through the window there...

The blind hermit welcomes the Monster with open arms, after a while, he pours him some wine! He gets a big smile on his face and sez... Drink.. GOOD!

Then, he tries out a big cigar. He puffs and puffs away until he feels ill and turns green!

The stay at the hermit's ends in a disaster and Frankie is now searching for the castle. What a beautiful creepy shot as he lumbers through the countryside!

This is funny as Hell, when our big guy gets back the castle, he tells Doctor Pretorius that he wants a drink of wine!!

Dwight Frye plays the Doctor's lab assistant, Karl. He gets to fly the kites that will be struck by lightning, and hopefully, bring the Bride to life!

A close up of our girl, ready to begin a new life...


Love these shots as they raise the Bride into the sky to get the full effect of the devices, just add a few bolts of lightning and see what happens.

Well, there you go, it freakin' woiked!! Now, we have the Bride Of Frankenstein, ready to meet her mate!!.. Or, not.

Frankie tries to show his Bride that he's full of love for her, but, she's repulsed by the sight of the not so handsome suitor!!

The Monster doesn't take it very well and threatens to blow the place back to Hell. Yes, there's actually a lever that will destroy the lab, and Frankie knows all about it...

This shot is so sad, the look on his face tells it all, he'd rather die than live without his mate!

And, he pulls the lever, bringing this classic flick to an end, poor old Frankie!!.. Okay, so, check in again on Wednesday when Eegah!! takes the Dungeon wheel and steers us to another interesting post!

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