Monday, July 31, 2017

PINK ANGELS / Plateau Productions - 1972

We'll end July with this wild 'n' weird biker flick, it's all about a group of transvestite bikers that wheel their way to Los Angeles, making for a lot'sa rubbernecking. Filmed at Sierra Hwy & Soledad Canyon, Santa Clarita, CA.

This thing stars John (HANNAH, QUEEN OF THE VAMPIRES) Alderman, Henry (METEOR) Olek, Bruce THE THING WITH TWO HEADS) Kimball, Michael (THE BABY) Pataki and Dan (GRIZZLY ADAMS) Haggerty.

What better way to start a flick than a bunch of arty shots of giant concrete pipes... Right?!

Wow, my favorite place to go in the late fifties! Gimme a Papa Burger, onion rings and an ice cold A&W Root Beer! They served root beer and orange soda, you could order a Mad Dog, which was half root beer, half orange!

Anyway, the Pink Angels roll into town, first, dude runs over the "A&W Loves You" sign and totally clobbers the guy in the side car on the head, and, he's not even wearing a freakin' helmet!! Then, they have an epic food fight before they all cool off...

I had to show this pic because those diesel engines going through town were such a common sight back then.

As in so many biker flicks back then, our guys like to party just outside the city limits... Love those candles on the table!

Man, their threads are really eye catching, their personal sign of individualism!

Well, the wild girls from town show up and a sex party ensues! Even the girls' madam joins in on all the drunken fun!

Here's a great shot of Dan, a proud member of the Pink Angels!..

Things get even weirder when these two bikers get some therapy from this petite nudie-cutie gal... Hey, that's something I never owned, red long johns!!

The gay guys in the Pink Angels go shopping for some new clothes to strut around in. Here, they entertain the shoe guy who sells them some high heels!

Wait a minute now... Something doesn't seem quite right here!!!..

So, the military's interested in the Pink Angels for some goddamn reason, and, they capture one of the girls at a party and interrogate her...

The General gets his simple little mind blown when the 'girl' takes his wig off!!

To fix the problem, the General has everyone hanged outside his office, bringing this thing to an abrupt end! Go figure... So, Eegah!! will be back Wednesday for our first post in August, a month that will have even more cool junk for us!


Anonymous said...

Did you actually say "the General has everyone hung outside his office"...? Erm, I think I actually have PINK ANGELS in one of those DVD box sets, so now I'll have to watch the silly thang!

TABONGA! said...

Yeah, he had them hung from a big tree outside his office, 'cept they turned the camera all crooked to show the insanity!

Dr. Theda said...

Never heard of this one... but, ending...

TABONGA! said...

Yeah Doc - The ending is pretty out there if you think about it...

Grant said...

"So the military's interested in the Pink Angels for some goddamn reason...."

Isn't there a whole small category of biker gang movie where the biker gang is recruited as an actual army? (I know of at least one.) I don't guess that has anything to do with this part of the story?

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