Wednesday, July 26, 2017

MOMBIES - Sam Turich & Gab Cody (2009)

Here's a nice little 12 minute treat on a weird ass Wednesday for you that should give you something to think about until Friday! It was made in 2009, written, directed, and produced by Sam Turich and Gab Cody, shot in  Pittsburgh, Pa. and called.....

Is it just a cute little short story about two women cruising around and talking to each other while driving through a cemetery?
Lisa Ann Goldsmith is Becky!

.......Or is it actually a scathing societal statement about parenthood today?
Theo Allyn is Chloe!

The mombies are everywhere, seemingly innocent pushing around their strollers!

But wait a minute, what's really going on here?

Oh, No, the car won't start!!

The freaky horrifying mombies catch up to the two women who are scared almost to death!

They run for their lives! 

The creators of "Mombies" saw they had some cool places in their city where they could shoot, and took advantage of them, and that's what I call good film making!

Becky has fallen, and that might be the end of her because now she's in the clutches of the babies!

Chloe scrambles, and runs into town, but the mombies are literally everywhere!

Great shot of the Arsenal Bowling Alley!

Despite war and pestilence, overpopulation is the biggest problem the world faces today! We're never going to be able to make a dent in the economic and environmental woes of the world as long as the human race continues to mindlessly fornicate!

Yes, the ZOMBO Gallery is a real place, 

Becky escapes, only to find that.............

Chloe has now become just another mombie too! It's like her former life never even existed!

Chloe looks up only to reveal that, Yes, there truly is a God!

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Anonymous said...

At first glance, I thought they were vid caps from NOTLD! Looks good!

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