Wednesday, April 26, 2017

THE PINKY LEE SHOW (1950 - 1957)

Got them weenies ready, it's time for another Whack Off Wednesday in The Dungeon!

 Before Soupy Sales or Pee-wee Herman, there was a kraazy kid's TV show host named 
Pinky Lee!

 I know it's really hard to imagine, but when you only got three channels, this was hot shit!

And all the cute little kids in the audience got 'Pinky Pops.' and maybe if they're lucky, they might get a puppy!

They also had science!

And music!

Pinky brings out the very popular Molly Bee to sing "Sitting On Top Of The World," and she was because in 1952, Molly hit #19 on the Billboard charts with her version of "I Saw mommy Kissing Santa Claus!"

In 1967 Molly Bee was in the classic "Hillbillys In A Haunted House" with a completely different look!

Pinky Lee's name at birth was Pincus Leff!

Here's an awesome bit of information I found at the IMDB:
"Plagued by parental complaints that his frenetic kiddie show caused their children to misbehave, NBC toned down Pinky's show by limiting the destruction of property, bad grammar, squirting seltzer water, throwing things, name-calling and other antisocial behavior."
Well, that sure took a lot of the fun out of it!! What a bunch of spoilsports!

But it didn't stop Pinky from sharing the Pinky Pops!

At the end of this particular show, he even got some of the seemingly befuddled parents in the audience into the act!

Pinky Lee was popular enough that he even had his own comic book named after him!
Pinky Lee left us in 1993 at the age of  85 from a heart attack, but his contributions to entertainment history will last forever!

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