Monday, April 3, 2017

HOUSE / Toho Company - 1977

Here's a wild one from Toho studios, seems like a comedy at times but the rest of the time it's just plain weird! The story goes like this... A schoolgirl and six of her classmates travel to her aunt's home in the country, which tries to devour the girls in very bizarre ways!

An interesting fact - None of the seven young actresses who portray the group of friends who visit the house were trained film actresses. The girls were models who had worked with director Nobuhiko Ôbayashi making advertisements or commercials.

Here are the six girls meeting with Angel, her aunt owns a house in the country. Check out the chroma keyed background, if you look close, you can see it's a matte painting.

The girls make it to the country home, they visit with Angel's aunt before the fun starts.

One girl finds a decapitated head in the water bucket! It flies around, then, swoops down and bites the girl on her ass!! When it finally flies away, the heads says... Tasty! Like I said, this is a weird movie and has plenty of sexual innuendo.

Angel has some trouble with the mirror in her bedroom, she even sees herself as a vampire after putting on some red lipstick!

The mirror cracks and her face falls to pieces as she turns into a fiery figure!

This gal gets beat up and smothered by her mattress and bedding, when the other girls look for her, they only find her nightgown, bra and panties!

The piano becomes a maniacal musical monster, the girl playing it becomes possessed and just can't stop playing!

The freakin' piano has chewed her fingers off!!

The other girl watching her friend playing the piano is totally confused by what she sees!

Then, the piano pulls her in and chews her into pieces, a long crazy ass scene.

The fingers come back and play a strange little tune!..

This gal gets a possessed light fixture stuck on her head as she tries to fight her way out of her super weird predicament!

A demon cat is really responsible for all the mayhem, it has brought out its fangs and claws!!

The dead girls' body parts swirl around and fly through some surreal backgrounds!

Hey, the evil old cat looks like my kitty, Zoey! Check out this wild flick when you get the chance, it's something else!! So, we're back Wednesday with more cool stuff!

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zillagord said...

Leave the psychedelics at home for this one, kiddies, you won't need 'em! Love this flick, totally bizarre!

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