Friday, April 7, 2017

EL FANTASMA DE LA OPERETA / Producciones Brooks - 1960

Time to head back to 1960 for a little Mexican horror comedy, the story goes... Aldo and his girlfriend Lucy reopen an abandoned opera house, but find out that the place is inhabited by a group of Phantoms wearing the Claude Rains 1943 Phantom of the Opera costume!

The movie stars Germán (TRIP TO THE MOON) Valdés aka Tin-Tan, Ana Luisa (TARZAN AND THE MERMAIDS) Peluffo and Famie (THE SUPER HE-MAN) Kaufman. By the way, Ana Luisa has a whopping 211 acting credits and is still around today!!

Tin-Tan plays Aldo, he's a frustrated, bumbling waiter with big dreams...

He convinces his girlfriend Lucy to go in with him on an old opera house. Here's the taxi, a cool looking 1958 Chevy, dropping them off in front of their new acquisition,

Once inside, Aldo, Lucy and her helper, Vitola, encounter this old worried dude in the basement... What in the Hell's he doing here, and, what time is it?! Interesting shot.

Anyway, things get hoppin' as they start packing the house with the locals! I love these two shots, eye catching is how I'd describe them!

Then, Aldo and Vitola do their thang, they have a comedy act where Vitola is the aggressor!

Here's a good look at what It'd be like to work the ticket window at the opera house when a bunch of people want their money back because a Phantom showed up and ruined the show!!

Vitola catches a suspicious looking character snooping around, so, follows and corners him only to get a glimpse the Phantom's ugly puss!!

Vitola gives Aldo a little something to hold on to that she found, a freakin' time bomb!! And, of course, Vitola has no idea what it even is!

Okay, so, there are a big pile of Phantoms... Love the bottom shot, Kitscha-Roonie!!

Back to the bomb!.. It gets thrown in a room by a copper and it goes off, causing a ton of mayhem during the performance that's going on...

The cops get the bad guys and the day is saved! You're goin' to jail, sucker!!

The ending is just plain weird and kind of embarrasing! The chandelier starts swaying, the Phantom suddenly appears inside it, he takes the mask off, we get a close up and then he simply goes... Poof! and he's gone! He looks like a child riding a kiddie ride at the carnival...

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