Friday, April 21, 2017

THE DEVIL'S MASK / Columbia Pictures Corporation - 1946

Here's a murder mystery from 1946 that's based on the "I Love A Mystery" radio program. While searching through the wreckage of a crashed airliner, the police find five shrunken human heads, and, one of them is a white dude with red hair! The head belonged to an explorer, deemed lost on an expedition to South America, it's tagged as a victim of jungle savagery. His daughter thinks otherwise and suspects foul-play. She hires a team of private detectives to investigate and points them in the direction of her stepmother and a colleague of her father, but, one detective looks in another direction for the killer.

The movie stars Anita (THE PHANTOM SUBMARINE) Louise, Jim (UNKNOWN WORLD) Bannon, Michael (THE RETURN OF THE WHISTLER) Duane and Mona (SECRET OF THE WHISTLER) Barrie.

The police are called in to check out the five shrunken heads found in the plane crash.

The detectives meet at the dead explorer's home to watch slides from his South American adventure. They obviously had slide projectors in 1946...

They discover that he had acquired a blow gun that shoots good old poison darts!

While looking at that last slide, the gang gets a visit from an unknown person who shoots a dart at them but misses and it ends up stuck in the wall!

The detectives get a lead and visit Leon Hartman, taxidermist extraordinaire. They have a few questions for him as he works away on a new piece... Nice taxi.

This detective tries to communicate telepathically with the shrunken head to get a lead!

The detectives' net closes in on Hartman and one of them confronts him about the situation he seems to be in on...

Hartman doesn't take it well and pulls out his trusty knife! As he tries to escape, the detective gets the blade in his back, but, don't worry, he doesn't die...

Another detective is on the job, he's hiding in Hartman's outside greenhouse jungle. Hartman comes out and lets his pet panther go to attack the dick, but, our hero ducks back into the main room and closes the huge metal door, leaving Hartman outside with the panther!

Well, you know how it's going to end up... Right, Hartman get's his reward for being a little bitch! Check in again tomorrow when we return with more weird junk, just for you!


EEGAH!! said...

Weirdsville! Where's the Devil?

TABONGA! said...

Yeah, and, where's the Mask?!

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