Wednesday, April 12, 2017

BLACK SWARM - 'Lonely Couple Seeks Exterminator For Three-Way Fun' (2007)

 When I sat down to watch tonight's feature film, I thought I was going to watch "The Swarm," a 1978 film about killer bees, but as it turns out, it's a 2007 movie called "Black Swarm" about mutant wasps, so not only is it not a one word title movie, it's not the movie I meant to watch at all! So, hey, what else is new?

Welcome to another Whacked-Out Wednesday in the insect infested Dungeon!

Break out the "RAID!" The bugs are in the house tonight!

Let's see what kind of story we have here: The headlines read "Local Twin Killed In Freak Wasp Nest Accident!" That's really about all you need to know, everything else is peripheral!

Hey! I've got an idea........................

.........................Let's get Robert (Freddy Krueger) Englund for one of the main roles, and then nothing else will have to matter!

What a freakin' coincidence!!

As cool as this looks, one of the major problems with "Black Swarm" is that a lot of the citizens in the town like this ice cream man, are covered with horrible stingbites, and are almost brainless, and NOBODY seems to notice!

Nobody notices that is, until they die!

Doesn't it feel great to get your hair washed before you get it cut at the salon!

A good alternative title for "Black Swarm" would have been "Pests Out Of Control!"

Most of the music in "Black Swarm" by Jerry Goldsmith is either mundane or non-existent, but here's exactly one minute from the beginning that's pretty damn cool! Turn it up!!

This wasp hit the windshield with such velocity that it broke it! Now that's wild!

Wasps coming out of ears of course!

The Preacher doesn't look the least bit suspicious!!

 I would have to say the wasp sting special effects scenes are probably the best part of 
"Black Swarm!"

The Queen's nest is quite a sight!

Time to call in some real exterminators!!
One of the film's taglines is "Meet The Ultimate Buzz-Kill," and while I'm sure their little wings do make some sound though I've never heard it, I do believe it's bees that are more known for buzzing, so just take that small bit of info to heart, and you'll have a better understanding about what to expect from the rest of the
"Black Swarm!"

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Anonymous said...

And suddenly, Irwin Allen's THE SWARM (1978) seems like an effing epic!!! And in some ways it is, such as being one of the late great special FX wizard L.B. Abbott's last films! (THE SWARM does have a lot of amazing optical and miniature work!)

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