Monday, April 24, 2017

EVIL SPAWN / American Independent Productions - 1987

Here's a weird one from 1987, I'll let the bottom wordage explain the set up. Luckily, they didn't have to film any of that, just say it happened... Ahhh, that good old low budget suspension of disbelief!!.. Love that poster though!!

The flick stars shapely bombshell, Bobbie (MAUSOLEUM, GHOULIES, SURF NAZIS MUST DIE, MY LOVELY MONSTER) Bresee, as the vain Lynn Roman who wants to be beautiful forever using the alien microbes. John Carradine stars as Dr. Emil Zeitman in the last movie made while he was alive, he died in 1988. Also, this makes me mad, Forrest J. Ackerman plays the Pool Guy and gets deaded, but, I didn't get a still of that...

The action starts immediately and this youing punk gets his arm ripped off by an unknown creep that looks like some kind of monster dude!

Actually, John is in the movie for only a few minutes. I cannot believe his role, he dies (creepy) and they show his hands!!! Sorry, but, they just didn't need to do that.

Here's (woo woo!) Lynn Roman after she scores her alien microbes. She shoots up in the bathroom and starts feeling... Extra Sexy!!

At the pool, this gal feels a strange presence. She turns around and we get to see what monster Lynn sees! A really stupid effect!

Well, anyway, the monster does her thing and we get a beautiful dead nude in the pool! Nice!!

This guy tries to put the make on Lynn and she starts changing into the thing. And, this is just stage one of the weird transformation! Her hair really went to shit!

This is the final form of Lynn the monster. She looks something like an ugly alien cockroach!

WHO THE HELL'S OUT THERE?!!.. Dude gets in within the next minute.

Lynn's boyfriend goes to her house, he feels like something's up. On his way in, he finds this dried up corpse just hanging around. Then, he confronts Lynn the monster on the patio.

The cops show up and shoot the crap out of Lynn. She falls off the patio, dies, and changes back to herself. She actually bit her boydfriend and he get to end the movie with his transformation. So, there you have it, a weird one to be sure, check it out if you can...

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kochillt said...

John Carradine shot this footage for director Fred Olen Ray on December 14 1985, along with his scenes for DEATH FARM, STAR SLAMMER, and JACK-O. Sadly, he wasn't really so busy his final years, though 1986 did feature HOLLYWOOD GHOST STORIES, PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED, and REVENGE. Only BURIED ALIVE came later. The last Carradine title I saw before he died was THE HOSTAGE from 1966, hasn't been on TV since.

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