Friday, April 28, 2017

GODZILLA vs. MEGAGUIRUS / Toho Company - 2000

The Big Guy is back, this time, Japan creates an artificial black hole device to trap Godzilla forever, but, a test of the device creates new foes for Godzilla, car-sized dragonflies called Meganula and their queen, Megaguirus!!.. How do you even pronounce that?

Here are a few cool facts we are proud of, here at The Dungeon! - Our Google counter just went over 3 million hits, we have been at this for freakin' 10 years, and, we have 2421 posts with 6596 comments!! Not too bad for two old Monster Dudes!

Anyway, the Japanese military tests their black hole device, mission accomplished, except a strange anomaly is noticed after the explosion... What does it mean?!

Well, the anomaly created an egg from the void. The kid finds it and takes it home. Later, the egg starts breaking up when left in water...

Then, in a scene out of an eighties horror flick, this guy and his girlfriend become food for a big old Meganula terror.

After the tasty meal, the Meganula sheds its skin and becomes an airborne dragonfly!

Godzilla, now on land, notices strange flying insects circling around him, what the Hell?!!

The things attack Big G and cause lots of pain after he toasts a bunch of them with his fiery breath. Our hero barely gets himself out of this mess before searching out Megaguirus.

Megaguirus is capable of hyper flight, its wings move so quickly, it demolishes buildings with sonic sound as it flies through the air! Again, I just love these shots of the destruction, they are so damn beautiful...

After Big G gets knocked out, he finally gets up from his nap and a bunch of junk is stuck to him including a freakin' hot dog stand!

The back and forth battle continues as the two titans duke it out, cool shots!

But that goddamn sonic bug just seems unstoppable...

So, the black hole device falls from a satellite and lands near Godzilla and Megaguirus as they continue to fight it out. After the explosion, the two monsters are gone, but, are they gone for good?!.. Tune in tomorrow as we keep plunking away, here, at The Dungeon!!

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