Monday, April 10, 2017


So, let's take a look at the horror and sci-fi movies of Dungeon Hero, John Agar. He did other things after his prime, but, I'm going to concentrate on his starring roles from 1954-67...

THE ROCKET MAN from 1954 has John playing the love interest in this weird little sci-fi comedy about a little boy who comes into possession of a ray gun that compels anyone caught in its beam to tell the truth, and, John falls in love with the kid's sister.

John then starred as Professor Clete (weird name) Ferguson in REVENGE OF THE CREATURE from 1955. He gets to chase The Creature around in the murky Floridian swamps.

Looks like Universal liked John, he then starred in TARANTULA! also in 1955, possibly the best of the Universal flicks from the fifties. Saw this one whaen it came out, a really thrilling experience for a 7 year old with a fertile imagination!

John returns for his third and final Universal movie in THE MOLE PEOPLE from 1956. This is not one of my favorites, besides the Mole People, there wasn't much to like for me...

DAUGHTER OF DR. JEKYLL from 1957 is one nutty flick, John plays the daughter's love interest and wears one of the stupidest jackets in the history of B-Movies!!

It was a treat to see THE BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS back in 1957, John was great. You have to realize that stuff like this was amazing at the time for us kids, you had to be there!

I also saw ATTACK OF THE PUPPET PEOPLE in 1958, John plays a doll salesman! The special effects were terrific and very convincing, another nice treat for the kiddies!

Love this poster for INVISIBLE INVADERS from 1959, John plays Major Jay in a movie that I always enjoy watching. It has lots of action and thrills and keeps your attention!

Damn, I love HAND OF DEATH from 1962 a lot, the make up is truly mind boggling and startling, especially in the doctor's house when John's going through the change.

Eegah!! and I saw JOURNEY TO THE SEVENTH PLANET in 1962 and really dug it, even if it was a little hokey at times. They made up for it with whacked out monsters and weird situations!

Things were going down hill for John, he then appeared in WOMEN OF THE PREHISTORIC PLANET in 1966. I never realized it, but, this damn movie's hard to find, what the Hell!!

Looks like ZONTAR THE THING FROM VENUS from 1966 hit the drive-in circuit since there's an actual poster for it! Man, this movie sucks, Zontar looks like something thrown up!! Poor John.

John's back to help Larry out again in 1966 with CURSE OF THE SWAMP CREATURE, this time, good old Bill Thurman gets to play the goofy looking SWAMP CREATURE! This one also apparently made the drive-in circuit.

NIGHT FRIGHT from 1967 was direct to video since no poster for this weirdie seems to exist. John plays a Sheriff in this one, a good role for him. There you have it, a nice post for John and the horror and sci-fi movies he starred in...


Randall Landers said...

Ive been trying to find "WOMEN OF THE PREHISTORIC PLANET"with no luck. Any suggestions?

TABONGA! said...

Hi Randall - Amazon has a VHS copy for freakin' $50 - Check some of our retro movie sites like Trash Palace or Cult Action... Good luck, it's crazy, man!

TC said...

Invisible Invaders has a premise similar to Plan 9 From Outer Space, which came out the same year.

Revenge of the Creature is notable as Clint Eastwood's first speaking part in a movie. He appears briefly as a lab assistant near the beginning. He also has a small part as a fighter pilot near the end of Tarantula.

Zontar was a remake of It Conquered the World, and it has a cult following as a camp classic. So bad it's good, like Plan 9 and Robot Monster.

I saw Women of the Prehistoric Planet on the late late late show many years ago. When I was 13, it seemed OK. The ending probably did not seem as much of a cliche then as it does now.

Anonymous said...

WPP was available on eBay a few years back, as a DVD-R from the old Paragon Video VHS tape, but alas, no longer...

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