Friday, April 14, 2017

SIREN OF BAGDAD / Esskay Pictures Corporation - 1953

Time for a trip back to 1953 with a story that goes like this... Kazah the Great, a magician, heads a troupe of girls and acrobats traveling in Arabia. The girls are kidnapped by the Sultan, El Malid, and Kazak joins forces with Zendi, the daughter of the rightful sultan that was deposed by Malid. Kazak must get the girls back and rid Bagdad of the evil Malid...

The movie stars Paul (EXORIST II: THE HERETIC) Henreid, Patricia (LATITUDE ZERO) Medina and Hans (THE MONSTER THAT CHALLENGED THE WORLD) Conried.

Here's Kazak in the middle of his act, he's getting ready to disappear a girl.

Now, how much better does it get than to hang out with a scantily clad girlie smoking from a hookah?!.. Well, you can count me in!!

Hans plays Kazak's sidekick, Ben Ali. He scares this guy with Kazak's disappearing body trick!

Here's Ben Ali with his camel pal before heading off to Bagdad to search for the missing girls..

Kazak's girls are now entertaining the bad guys in Bagdad with great dance moves!

Kazak locates Princess Zendi taking a bath. she calls for her bodyguard to throw the bum out. But, when he pulls some flowers out of his ass for her, she has a change of heart!

For the old dude, this could be called... Heaven On Earth!

I like this shot with all the interesting foliage and costumes!

The girls check out all the good looking guys that have just entered the room! Too bad I'm not one of those guys...

Threw this one in because I really love the colors of those goofy costumes!

Ben Ali spends most of his time in disguise, screwing with Malid's men whenever possible!

Kazak finally gets Malid just where he wants him and the table's now turned!

Kazak has to perform one last disappearing trick before the people there to help Malid run away with their tails between their legs... Check in tomorrow for some fun from Eegah!!


EEGAH!! said...

WTF!? That's a Goodern! I love the title card lettering!

TABONGA! said...

Got this one off TCM a few years ago, when my DVD-R recorder worked...

zillagord said...

The sirens in Baghdad sound a lot different these days!

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