Saturday, April 15, 2017

MAKE THAT SPARE - (1961 -1962)

 Bowling and Wrasslin' were two of the most popular pastimes of the 50's and 60's! Tonight's Saturday Night Special offering is a tribute to bowlers everywhere, because just like golf and a lot of other things, bowling is not as easy as it looks on TV!

 "Make That Spare" was only a 15 minute TV show that was made to fill in time after boxing matches which tended to end after 45 minutes leaving a gap in programming that needed to be filled! The host was Johhny (Rock Around The Clock) Johnston!

Tonight's roll off is between two seasoned veterans, Jim Schroeder and......

.....................Jerry McCoy!

The game goes like this, the bowlers each have a chance at five frames of spare Hell, and whoever gets the most points gets a prize, plus a chance at the super spare shot!

If you've ever bowled, you'll know how difficult this is!

Both these guys were able to split these two pins!!
That's a damn good shot!

A lot of people think bowling is a sport for low-brow drunken dullards, but let's face it, you have to be drunk to try and attempt a shot like this! I saw a chart that listed the 10 most difficult spares to try and pick up, and they averaged under one per cent! That's why good bowlers throw all strikes!

Believe it or not, both Tabonga and I have been on bowling leagues at one time or another in our life, not together or even in the same decade, but we've both suffered the fever!

The winner of the contest got a shot at winning this Mustang if they could make this almost impossible spare! Unfortunately Jerry didn't make it!

So it turns out that in the end, Jerry was the real McCoy!

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Anonymous said...

When I briefly lived in Rhode Island (ugh!), I heard of a local TV show called Bowling for Candlepins. I guess "candlepins" are funky-shaped bowling pins or something. I have no idea, but RI is a bit wacky or "different" anyhoo.

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