Friday, September 30, 2016


Last Saturday I hurt my back, it's much better now because of Tiger Balm, but yesterday, my main computer would not go to my main page!... What the Hell?!! Freakin' Windows 10 and all that app bullshit. It'll take a few day to get everything straight again on this one, so...

Here's a fun little post featuring the 'Teenager' Monster Movies from 1957-60. You'd think that there were actually more, but, there are only six monster movies with that moniker!

I goofed up the post by forgetting to include poster and photo from Roger Corman's 1958 production of TEENAGE CAVEMAN, but it's fixed now, read Jonny's comment catching the mistake.

We'll start with Herman Cohen's I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF from 1957, a terrific little movie starring a very young Michael Landon. Here he is at the doctor's office receiving therapy for his hot temper, the primal instinct that the doc is exploiting. Let's face it, that's some damn great looking makeup going on there!

Gary Conway stars in I WAS A TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN, released as a double feature with IWATW. What is a little weird is that Whit Bissell plays both doctors responsible for the monsters in both movies!! I love this shot of Whit driving Gary around, looking for a handsome teenage dude to steal their face... Notice the big eye is reversed on the poster!

Wild! Wanton! Weird! is what they say about TEENAGE MONSTER from 1958! This is one of those flicks that's basically a western, a meteorite lands near a farm house and the kid gets infected, making for a Lovecraft style Monster!.. Really?!.. Teenage?!!

 TEENAGE CAVEMAN from 1958 starred Robert Vaughn with Ed (THE BRAIN EATERS) Nelson and Beach (CREATURE FROM THE HAUNTED SEA)  Dickerson as fellow cavemen. Swear to God, those hairdos on Ed and Beach are freakin' hilarious as Hell! Hate this movie!

TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE hit the screens in 1959. David Love plays Derek, a misfit alien teenage invader with kindness in his heart. Gawd, this movie is so bad it's good, and, MST makes it a lot more watchable!

I hate to admit it, but, TEENAGE ZOMBIES from 1960 is my favorite Jerry Warren flick! There's just something about it, love the characters. Jerry's productions go even more downhill after this one! There you have it, tune in tomorrow when Eegah!! will have more from... The Dungeon!!


Jonny Metro said...

I just did a post on my blog about memorable double features and made mention of TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN, but double-billed with BLOOD OF DRACULA (which may as well have been TEENAGE VAMPIRE). Also, Corman's TEENAGE CAVE MAN from 1958 might fit nicely on your list, though I have to admit I haven't seen in yet.

Glad to see TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE here, too. Such a strange movie with a bizarre story around it.


TABONGA! said...

Jonny, you are so right!! I plead distracted... I'l make a note at top of post to fix the stupid mistake - Thanks for checking in -

TC said...

Gary Conway played the Teenage Frankenstein again in How To Make a Monster. Michael Landon was not in that one, though, so some other actor played the Teenage Werewolf. Well, to be exact, they played actors who were playing the monsters in a movie-within-the-movie.

Conway and Whit Bissell both starred or co-starred in Irwin Allen TV sci-fi shows in the 1960's, Bissell as General Kirk in The Time Tunnel, and Conway as Captain Burton in Land of the Giants.

Michael Landon did a self-satire in "I Was a Middle-Aged Werewolf," a tongue-in-cheek Halloween episode of Highway To Heaven, in the 1980's.

Jonny Metro said...

No need to plead, distracted or otherwise--but I'm happy to have been of some small service. :-)

You're on my reading list now, so you'll probably be seeing me again!


TABONGA! said...

TC, the actor playing the Werewolf in HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER was Gary (MISSILE TO THE MOON) Clarke.

Jonny, it makes me a little mad at myself for being a nub.

Thanks guys, your input and info make us happy campers, here, at The Dungeon!

Grant said...

One odd thing about TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE is its high "body count" for an early ' 60s movie. When MST3K jokingly compares it to THE TERMINATOR - by making the scary alien say things like "I must find Sarah Connor!" - it doesn't seem entirely like a joke.

The funniest thing about TEENAGE CAVEMAN is seeing Ed Nelson in a blond wig and a bandana. It makes him look more like a comical surfer than a caveman!

Eustace Aloysius Thrumbottom said...

I just revisited I Was A Teenage Frankenstein a few days ago. It has one of the greatest lines of dialogue that Whit Bissell, or any other movie mad scientist, has ever uttered.

"Speak! You have a civil tongue in your head. I know, because I sewed it back myself!"

Anonymous said...

Every time I see Katherine Victor, I remember how sweet and humble she was in real life, and I regret I didn't get to make more films with her. She was a doll! She even gave us a fancy (no doubt expensive) crystal jar as a wedding present in 1991, and I use it now to stash all the fortunes we get when we eat out Chinese food. Love and miss you forever, Katherine... :~}

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