Monday, September 12, 2016

ROBOT JOX / Empire Pictures, Altar Productions - 1989

We're keeping the old ball rolling along again this week, here at The Dungeon!.. Here's one I actually saw when it came out, it was okay but a little disappointing. The story takes place in the future where it is post-World War III, war is now outlawed, in its place are matches between large deadly Robots. The main character, Achilles (Gary Graham), is a pilot in one of the large Robots. The matches take place involving two superpowers over disputed territories and the plot revolves around a match for the state of Alaska!

The flick was actually filmed at the Empire Studios, Rome, Lazio, Italy!.. Spicy-a-meat-a-ball!!

Welp, it's time for Achilles to get ready for his next match, thing looks like it's 200 feet tall.

The Robots come out with weapons blazin' away. The tank tracks on the back of Achilles' Robot's legs end up saving his life in a later match!

Then, the opposing Robot shoots its giant fist and knocks Achilles back on his heels, causing the Robot to fall backwards onto the stands with hundreds of watchers! After that, Achilles goes into a depression over the accident.

His girlfriend ends up getting her ass kicked in the next match, so, Achilles has to step in to save her life!

Achilles then grabs his Robot and blasts off into space, so, the opponent, Alexander, follows him in his giant Robot! It's not long before Achilles ' Robot is hit with a blast that disables the rocket in one of its feet.

It's back to Earth to finish the fight. Achilles crashes his Robot and can only wait for Alexander to join him!

Big Alexander brings out the big guns, his Robot transforms into a real horror as it pounds Achilles. It looks bad for our hero, how can he win?!

Achilles is a tricky lil' mofo, He uses what's left of his Robot to send Alexander's Robot to the junk heap and the match goes to hand-to-hand combat between the pilots!

After Achilles is ready to kill Alexander, he decides that fighting is futile, so, him and his foe join together in friendship! A nice way to end the conflict... Be back Wednesday for more from... The Dungeon Gang!

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