Friday, September 2, 2016

THE PRIME TIME / Essanjay Films, Mid-Continent Films - 1960

This is a prime time to go back to 1960 and check out this wild flick from Chicago! The story's about a bored young girl looking for excitement, she gets involved with nude modeling, drugs and rock 'n' roll!..

Here's Jo Ann LeCompte as the bored teenager, Jean Norton, the only other acting credit she has is from 1957 when she had a role on THE KAISER ALUMINUM HOUR.

Here are some teens having a blast at their favorite hangout, When we were teens, our favorite hangout was Wings Drive-In, best burgers in the world, no kidding! The owner's name was "Cheese."

And, they love to go to the old swimming hole, where, some of the girls like to strip off their clothes and go skinny dipping. To them I say.... Salute!!

Okay, here's our villain, he's a beatnik artist with the moniker... The Beard!!

They have live bands playing at the club. Since it's 1960, the songs are a little whack.

Jean wants to be immortalized by having a nude portrait painted by The Beard, much like in one of our very favorite movies, A BUCKET OF BLOOD!

Back in the day, with no internet, a match book cover was the was the ideal way to communicate with your pals.

Here's a vintage hang around monkey meant to liven up your room!

Back at The Golden Goose hang out the girls get in a royal cat fight! The name of the place should really be... The Cat Box!

Anyway, The Beard is working away on Jean's nudie portrait, but, there are complications with her being at his apartment, drugs, etc. And, the cops are on his trail, so...

He decides to turn on the gas on the stove, then throw a match into the room. Unfortunately, he slips on a match and the place goes!..

KA-FREAKIN'-BLOOIE!! The Beard gets blown to Hell... Hurray! Tune in again tomorrow for something special from.... The Dungeon!!

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