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SHERLOCK HOLMES TV Show - Season 01, Episode 01 - "The Case Of The Cunningham Heritage" (1954)

This incarnation of the man known as Sherlock Holmes ran from 1954 through 1955, and only lasted for one season, but when you're cranking out three or four episodes a month, it adds up to 39 episodes all together!

About 91.3 % of the episodes started with

This is not the same Ron Howard who played Opie on the "Andy Griffith Show," but this Ron Howard was in "Curse Of The Mummy's Tomb," among other things!

Howard Marion Crawford as Watson, was also in five Fu Manchu movies as Dr. Petrie, he was in three episodes of  "The Avengers," and three episodes of  "Secret Agent!"

 Sherlock Holmes is so freakin' smart, but he doesn't know basic stuff like the fact that the earth gravitates around the sun, because his mind has no room for knowledge that is of no use to him!
He's a different kind of thinker!

 Watson and Holmes cruisin'!

 They probably would have believed the wife of the dead man who was caught with a knife in her hand that she wasn't the killer, if she didn't look so much like "The Joker!"
Born in 1925, Lise Bourdin only had 16 acting credits, and last time I checked, she was still around!

Always looking for clues!!

Every time I see a still or a poster from an old Sherlock Holmes' movie, I'm always flabbergasted by the fact that Sherlock has been portrayed on TV and in the movies approximately 169 times!
And you thought there were a lot of "Batman" movies!
So rather than give you the direct link, I think I'll just give all you amateur sleuths a clue, and let you find it for yourselves!
The clue is:


TC said...

IIRC, Ronald Howard was also in Hammer's Curse of the Mummy's Tomb. I think he was the son of actor Leslie Howard. Of course, I could be wrong.

Our local PBS station used to show reruns of this Sherlock Holmes series in a late night time slot. They also ran Doctor Who and The Prisoner. Maybe they thought anything that was British or European qualified as "educational television."

As I recall, the show was kind of tongue-in-cheek, and Howard played Holmes as a sort of absent-minded professor type.

I don't recall seeing Howard Marion Crawford on The Avengers, but I do remember him as a bad guy in the Secret Agent/Danger Man episode, "No Marks For Servility."

I guess any actor who could play Dr. Watson should be able to play Dr. Petrie. Nayland Smith and Petrie were apparently created with the same cookie cutter that
was used to make Holmes and Watson.

Grant said...

I've seen CASTLE OF FU MANCHU several times (the MST3K version), and Crawford plays Petrie like he's doing almost a full-blown Nigel Bruce imitation. Not that that's a bad thing, but it's kind of odd, since he doesn't play Watson himself that way.

I don't know him from that many things besides this, but Ronald Howard is very good in the ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS version of OCCURRENCE AT OWN CREEK BRIDGE.

Anonymous said...

Ronald Howard played a villain in "Koroshi," the next-to-last episode of Danger Man (aka Secret Agent). "Koroshi" and the final episode, "Shinda Shima," were edited into a feature-length movie and released with the title "Koroshi." Don't know offhand if it was ever shown in theaters, but it used to turn up on late night TV fairly often.

EEGAH!! said...

Didn't know about "Koroshi!" I'll just have to watch the last two episodes back to back now to get the full "Koroshi" experience! Thanx!

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