Monday, September 19, 2016

DISNEYLAND / Mars And Beyond - 1954

Here's the last of the three episodes featured here, at The Dungeon! This time we concentrate on Mars and other outer planets. This was my favorite episode when I saw it back in 1954, definitely the wildest of the three!

Walt starts the show with his Robot pal, Garco, esplainin' the importance of machines in the future and beyond!

They talk about the influence of planetary movements (astrology) and their results, like changing normal people into a Werewolf or Mr. Hyde!

Then, they speculate about the types of creatures that may live on Mars... These little guys shoot fire out of their mouths and roll around backwards on their wheeled feets!

This weird dude stands on his little giraffe while he unlocks his head with a key!

These things are hip little musicians making with some outer space sounds!

Bring in the Martians from H. G. Wells' WAR OF THE WORLDS, watch out Mr. Farmer!

And, here are some Martian insects chomping on some succulent vines!

Enter a Martian Lion and blue Horsies making lots of loud noise!

Let's give Disney studios some credit, they did a great job of illustrating some nice fake Comic and Pulp covers that were so popular before the Comic's Code ruined everything! Reminds me of the ROBOT MONSTER title card.

These four covers are awesome, especially JOLLY HORRIBLE COMICS!

Now it's time for a Robot to capture a sexy Earth Gal and take her to the Martian leader. Jeez, the female figure appeals even to monsters!! The Robot looks like Master Cylinder on the sixties Felix The Cat cartoons!

This is just one of the many weirdo monsters chasing our Earth Gal around...

She changes into her super hero costume and offers each of the creeps an Atomic Cigar! Now, what real monster would turn down a tasty Atomic Cigar, huh?!!

Anyway, the Martians get what they deserve and our Gal flies through space to get back to her job on Earth, a great ending! We're back on Wednesday with more from The Dungeon!

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EEGAH!! said...

Seriously Super Cool Images! Sure would have liked to hear some of those outer space sounds!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??