Saturday, September 24, 2016

MAN WITH A CAMERA - "Second Avenue Assassin" (1958)

 Hey! Welcome to another Saturday Night Special from down in The Dungeon!  Tonight's special feature was a lot of fun to watch for me, because it's a TV show that I was totally unfamiliar with, but stars one of my favourite actors, Charles Bronson!

 "Man With A Camera" ran two seasons from 1958 to 1960, and this was the first episode titled"
"Second Avenue Assassin!

 "Man With A Camera" stars rugged Charles Bronson as free-lance photographer Mike Kovac! Charles was Igor in the 1953 classic "House Of Wax," and then it was another 5 years before he got this starring gig, and then of course he went on to be in a shitload of TV western shows, "The Twilight Zone" episode called "The Man," "The Magnificent Seven" and the whole "Death Wish" series!

 Mike Kovac drives a sweet 1958 Ford station wagon!

 This is a story about a boxer named Joey Savoyan, an old neighborhood rival of Mike Kovac who is about to get his first crack at the champion, but for some reason he doesn't want his picture taken!

 No photographers allowed, so Mike Kovac punches this big oaf security guy in the gut, and goes on in to try and find out what the problem is!

 Yeah, that's right, Tom "Billy Jack" Laughlin has the role of Joey Savoyan!
Mike Kovac tauts Joe into fighting with him, since he had beaten him when they were kids, but as tough as Mike is, Joey's training gets the better of Mike and he ends up.........

 ..........Getting completely knocked out!! Now finally, all the other photographers are allowed to take some pictures!

 Mike goes to chill and bury his sorrows at some local dive.......

 .............When he's approached by Joey's girlfriend Dolly MacDermott, as played by the always amorous Ruta (Hollywood Squares) Lee!!

  All the journalistic photographers got their pictures all right, but it just wasn't what Mike had envisioned!

Dolly has told Mike that Joey is supposed to throw the fight, but he wants out, so they work out a plan to foil the mobsters! Dolly waits in the car while Mike meets with Joey again!

The Champ and the mobsters show up, and all Mike has to do is get a picture of them all together with Joey, and show it to the authorities, and it's light's out, baby!
Leonard ( I Want To Live) Bell as Jaspar Riker, Art Lewis who was in two "Twilight Zone" episodes, "A Most Unusual Camera," and "The Fever" as Al, and Theodore Marcuse, who only lived to the age of 47, but somehow managed to be in an episode of "Lights Out," an episode of "Thriller," two episodes of "The Twilight Zone," an episode of "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea," an episode of "Burke's Law," two episodes of "Batman," three episodes of "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.," and one episode of "Star Trek," as Willie Fletcher! When they needed a bad guy, I doubt he ever failed an audition!

All set to get that picture, and if things didn't go all awry, it would be pretty anti-climatic!
For you, life is a lot simpler, all you have to do is click here, and you can see for yourself!

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