Saturday, September 10, 2016

HOKUS POKUS - The Three Stooges - (1949)

Where does the time go? I can't believe it's already Saturday again!
Welcome to The Dungeon and tonight's special featurette!
I've been watching a lot of "Three Stooges" lately, and why not?  In today's krazy world, they make as much sense as anything else, and more sense than a lot of things!

This short is called "Hokus Pokus" and was made in 1949, a couple of years after Curly had to leave the trio and they were rejoined by Shemp after his years of going it alone!

 The Three Stooges are brothers, so it's acceptable that three middle aged men might sleep together, and generally have no relationships with women, but aren't gay!

 The pajamas are worth the price of admission alone!

 These guys took a beating day in and day out, but on screen, it never seemed to wear them out!!

 If you don't have a mirror, it's easier to shave somebody else!

 This is one of the rare times that you'll ever get to see a good shot of Moe's forehead!!


Fried eggs over easy for breakfast at Nick's Cafe where the manager is championship boxing super featherweight contender Carlos Morales!

 I'm pretty sure that Cassius Clay learned some of his defensive posturing by watching olde footage of Shemp! What amazing footwork!

 Shemp discovers that the hypotenuse of a right angle is approximately 31 degrees Centigrade to the left when trying to set up a card table!

 I've forgot what Moe was actually doing in this scene, but it doesn't take a lot of imagination to know what it looks like!

Killer play on words with my favourite food! 
I could not live without garlic, and I have yet to be attacked by a vampire, thank goodness!

Moe gets thrown into prison!!

Oh, gee whiz, he was just looking through the back of a chair!

Via hypnosis, Svengarlic turns Larry into a cat, and Shemp into a monkey

To showcase his skills, Svengarlic makes the boys walk out onto a flagpole some umpteen stories high!

Under the weight of three stooges, the flagpole snaps like a number 2 pencil!

I'm moving the last of my stuff today and tomorrow, and after three months, I feel pretty hypnotized myself right about now!!
Have a great weekend!

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