Wednesday, September 21, 2016

JARRETT - Screen Gems - (1973)

Tonight I've got a special presentation for you, and it's brought to you courtesy of a Grant from the United States Film Historical Society, Branch 13, Texas, USA!

"Jarrett" was a made for TV movie from 1973 that is all but impossible to find, and it's a real shame, because it's quite the 1970's Pop Culture Freakout Extravaganza!

If you guessed "Jarrett" is set in sunny Southern California, then you're right!

The star of the show is Glenn Ford as stolen art investigator Jarrett! We're big fans of Glenn, but we've never had a chance to talk about him much, because he didn't make a lot of low-brow movies like this! Check out this bachelor pad! He's up on the chair because somebody left him a special delivery of a cobra snake!

This is the way the way they discussed business in the 70's. Putters and martinis in the morning!

"Jarrett" has an incredible killer cast that includes Forrest (The Abominable Snowman, The Cosmic Monster, The Crawling Eye, F Troop) Tucker as the almighty Reverend Vocal Simpson (and Vocal he is)............

..........And Dungeon darlin' Yvonne (Bat Girl) Craig as the snake dancin' for the Lord, Luluwa!

Luluwa needs to hit the jackpot so she can afford some dancin' lessons!

Yvonne Craig passed away just last year, and they can try, but I doubt there will be another like her!

Laraine Stephens as Sigrid Larsen was only in a couple of movies, but she killed it on TV from 1961 to 1983! Jarrett has her dress up in her traditional country garb in order to stir up her memory of past deeds gone down, and to also take advantage of shooting in the quasi-traditional Danish town of Solvang, California!

The bad guy henchman flips Jarrett's car upside down!
A lot of what happens in this movie reminds me of "Fireball Jungle" just for the sheer over the top WTF!? factor!

Yvonne is back and out of the shower with soap still in her hair!

The iconic stupido Robert Easton is also in there!
Robert was in every western movie ever made, or at least it seems like it!
What happened anyway? Western movies and TV shows were a staple of entertainment from the 50's to the 70's, and now the genre seems to barely exist!

Sigrid has a moment when she realizes that her Father's discovery of scrolls older than the Dead Sea scrolls are about to go up in smoke!

So her and Jarrett roll 'em and smoke 'em!

So, "Which way did they go George?"

Great shot! I've seen this many times before, just not under these circumstances!

Nice Ride!!
Tabonga says this a 1968 Mercury Cougar!

The entrance to Hell, So Cal 1973!

Supreme overlord of the dark side is Anthony (A Study In Terror) Quale) as Cosmo Bastrop!
Cosmo welcomes Jarret and Sigrid to his vast underground catacomb!

Turns out that besides dealing in stolen art, Cosmo has the freakin' worlds largest comic book collection, and it's catalogued from A to Z that not only includes "Captain America," but also "Zap," and "The Incredible Furry Freak Brothers!"

And Sigrid and Jarrett have one last pensive moment together!
Thanx again Grant!!!


TC said...

Trivia question: what was the most valuable comic book in Cosmo's collection?

When Jarrett asks, Cosmo says it's Captain America #1.

EEGAH!! said...

That would have been a killer question TC, but you already gave the answer away! You must be like one in a trillion people who have ever even seen this movie!!

gog magog said...

ive never seen this one before. how did you get the screen caps? do you own a copy? can i borrow it? just overnight of course...

but I'm serious. i want to see this movie. how can i be down?

EEGAH!! said...

Hey Gog! Sorry but "Jarrett" was just loaned to me by one of our generous readers, and it's already in the mail headed back to him. Best of luck trying to find a copy for yourself!

Grant said...

Glenn Ford was a great low-key comedy actor. One of the best examples is a movie called "DEAR HEART" - which is PARTLY a sentimental one just as the title suggests, but it manages to be a very "quirky" one too, and he's great at reacting to those moments.

One very good moment in JARRETT is when Ford rescues both Yvonne Craig and the work of art she has, and she's falling all over him in "gratitude." Referring to the work of art, he says "The first thing we have to do is hire an armored car."
When she keeps on fondling him that way, he says "The second thing we have to do is hire an armored car."
He gave just the right timing to that second line.

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