Friday, September 23, 2016

SINBAD AND THE EYE OF THE TIGER / Columbia Pictures, Andor Films - 1977

It's Friday yet once again, and, time for a trip into the past delivered by Dungeon god, Ray Harryhausen. The story goes like this... Sinbad (Patrick Wayne) needs to deliver Prince Kassin, who was transformed into a monkey, to the lands of the Ademaspai to restore him to his human form in time for his coronation. On the way, Sinbad must contend with the evil witch Zenobia, her son and their magic and several Ray Harryhausen creatures.

Here's the evil witch Zenobia, she can change into different animals to avoid detection while spying on her enemies!

Before Sinbad and the gang head off on their quest, Zenobia creates three demons to fight them. They remind me of the creatures in FIRST MEN IN THE MOON.

They reach their destination and the crew takes off toward a mountain fortress where Kassin can be transformed back to his human form. I wouldn't want to be the guy with that big box on his head!

Kassin is shown what he looks like as a monkey, and, he's fairly repulsed at the sight.

Sinbad has a sorcerer go along for the ride. Although he has Zenobia in a glass jar, she summons a giant wasp to attack him!

As the gang moves toward their destination, they encounter a giant Walrus and have to fight for their lives once again! There was also a giant Walrus in the Japanese flick, GORATH!

Then, a big creature shows up while the girls are out skinny dipping (it's kinda weird to see a Harryhausen movie with partial female nudity!!) and it looks like there's going to be more trouble, but...

They find out that he's a good guy and he wants to help, and, he knows where they want to go! Kassin and him become fast friends, a nice twist.

The big lug takes them to the place they seek. Inside, they try and figure out how to change Kassin back to human form.

Okay, okay... Here's whut we been waiting for... The freakin' EYE OF THE TIGER! Atchally, he gots two eyes, whut da' Hell!!

The big guy squares off against the giant Tiger and the fight is on!

Crap!!.. The Tiger kills our big pal, so, Sinbad is left to the task of finishing off the monster! Everything turns out fine and Kassin makes it to his coronation in the nick of time!.. Back tomorrow, with more... From The Dungeon!!


TC said...

John Wayne's son, Tyrone Power's daughter, the second Doctor Who, and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (she was also the heroine in Roger Moore's first James Bond movie). But the real stars were Harryhausen's animated monsters.

Grant said...

Even though it's a very well-known Middle Eastern name, the name of the princess played by Jane Seymour has such a 1977 tie-in. It might be a coincidence, but who knows.

TABONGA! said...

Thanks guys for the extra info, always appreciated...

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