Saturday, January 30, 2010

WANTED: BABYSITTER / France - Italy - W. Germany / 1975

Hello everbloody, welcome to last post of January, 2010... Loaded in today' breech is weird little convoluted Euro flick from 1975, 'La Baby Sitter.' Other alternate title are L. A. BABYSITTER, 'Das Ganz Große Ding,' THE RAW EDGE and SCAR TISSUE!

Rather than try to explain story as Tabonga go along, Tabonga gonna explain story now!.. Here go... Ahem... Okay... Long time ago... Wait, no... Start over... Group of loser actor with financial problem decide to kidnap boy of wealthy film producer and hold for ransom, so, they need babysitter to take care of him, so, they run ad, get it?.. Oh, yeah, some people get hurt and plan fall apart at end! Actually, the lawyer steal the money!!.. Director René Clément shock everbloody when he abruptly leave film forever, after making this one. Flick also have interesting, eclectic cast of actors.

Nice soundclip here, music by Francis Lai... Francis have 112 composing credit with flick like THE BOBO, HOUSE OF CARDS, HELLO GOODBYE, LOVE STORY, CAT AND MOUSE, STRIPTEASE and ASTROLAB 22.

On wif' da' show!.. Here, now, ready to push big red 'GO' button wonst again is Tabonga' lil' pet Tarantula, Ralphie!.. And... HE DID IT!!.. WANTED: BABYSITTER, DEAD OR ALIVE!

Not until Tabonga was doing stills a few hours ago did Tabonga realize that, this gurl here, who has hot nude scene at very beginning, is so freakin' beautiful!! Unless you already know, this is Miss Sydne Rome from Akron, Ohio. Then, Tabonga find out she born on Tabonga' birthday three year later on March 17, 1951!! OH, HELL YEAH!! She still working today in Italy!!

Ann is part of local high-falutin' acting group, who all recently living outside their means...

Ann also have angst from too much prior party fun! Camp time for Robert (TEENAGE CAVEMAN) Vaughn!

Here is Nadja Tiller being sneaky!

Here is kid riding scooter in house! Hmmm... Scooter, thing that go 'scoot' ~

Here is Maria (The Baby Sitter) Schneider eyeballing her bro' sculpture in museum.

Here is 'nother nice shot of Miss Sydne! She make Tabonga' bark curl!

Here is Sydne forcing kid to drink knock-out drop, to make kiddnapping go easier...

Tabonga just like these two pic! Both show Maria Schneider, bottom one with flooded hallway of old abandoned house she forced to babysit kid at.

Sigh!.. Yawn!.. Okay, Tabonga ready to hit the ol' sack!!

Nadja taking off her ski-mask disguise...

Maria and kid try to give neighbor a note via dog carrier.

But, Vic Morrow, ex-stuntman, see what happen and have to deep-six old neighbor lady!

Vic creep around wearing weirdest mask ever!

It kinda complicated, but, kid make it back to pops!!

Sydne not make it to end of flick, but, still look damn good!!

Sour grapes for Vic, so, he let Maria go back to her dreary life and he disappear into the woodwork!


prof. grewbeard said...

the stuff you guys been digging up lately!...never heard of this one. Vic Morrow & Robert Vaughn in roles that would surprise you!

Greg Goodsell said...

It's good to see Maria Schneider found work after LAST TANGO IN PARIS. Pretty, but no one would confuse her with a terrific actress.

College term Papers said...

This is an excellent black and white movie, interesting and suspense though. Thank you for the post.

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