Saturday, January 2, 2010


Welcome everbloody to the Dungeon, and Tabonga' first post of 2010! Today we have flick filmed in 1976, then released in 1984 with added music!

Oh yeah, an' welcome to California, too... Have fun!

Wha' choo'all lookin' at, fool?!!

Anything I want, jackass!!


Tagline sez: A Criminally Insane Murderer Escapes From The Institution -- By Becoming Invisible!

Wow, Eegah!! sure give us a super-soundclip for this posting, one of his best!

Original music by Bill Marx, music added in 1984 by Richard Hieronymus and Alan Oldfield. Bill Marx have a total of 10 composing credit and include COUNT YORGA, VAMPIRE, RETURN OF COUNT YORGA, DEATHMASTER, TERROR HOUSE and SCREAM, BLACULA, SCREAM! Richard Hieronymus work on ANGELS DIE HARD, THE LOVE BUTCHER, SWEATER GIRLS, TEEN LUST, GARAGE GIRLS, AUNT PEG'S FULFILLMENT, etc. And, Alan Oldfield work on DOGS, KING KUNG FU and DEEP SPACE.

So, let's roll the soundclip! Here's Ralphie the Tarantula to do the honors, press that big red 'GO' button to start a new year, here at the Dungeon!.. UP YOUR ASTRAL FACTOR!

Whoa!.. Other kind of astral factor!!

Nice soothing bath interrupted by trip to morgue!.. All these guy show up because they hear on radio that she naked!!

Who remember this dude besides Tabonga? Kind of poor man' Toody. Nice calendar!

You can see for self that something not quite right with fingerprint on left!

For Tabonga, this flick is dated time capsule with classic mid-seventies status quo imagery! Story is freakin' ridiculous, too!

Here is Elke Sommers entertaining Robert Foxworth in latest poolside attire! Notice that Robert having a smoke while he taking it all in. He one foxy cat!

To break up monotany, flick include wild an' freaky dance number at local LA dance theater!

Believe it or not, choreographer not gay!

As a bump, Robert get to order his lunch at popular new fast food joint at the time, so, they film it!!

When you have hot gurlfiend like Stephanie Powers and she run around in just mini-fur an' nuthin' else, well, expect plenty of cheap TV dinner!! Robert already know, that why he eat at Der Weinerschnitzel first!

For budget flick, sure look cheap at times!

Hmmm, I wonder what this came off of?!

No, you not hallucinating, that Stephanie Powers' ass! And, Tabonga not even show the good shots!!

Okay, okay, even if this is only as good as Stephanie can make coffee, who cares?!

Robert go to psychic research center to find out about the psychic scene. Guy at bottom right is moving ball around with mind!

Funny part as Robert stop moving 'hypnotic eye' machine because it stealing the scene!!

Elke strum and sing a popular folk song with artsy-fartsy camera composition...

Back at dance theater, they working on new Banana Splits number!

Cool it, you idiots! She's dead!!

At murder scene on yacht, guys find lots of loose change on rug!

Check it out, Ford Courier GTE service truck!! Tabonga used to have POS Ford Courier and all Tabonga can say is... 'ef'fing timing chain tensioner!'

Boobs and booze, always the perfect combo!

Better be careful, Invisible Strangler can pop up anywhere, any time, any how!.. But, why try to explain to this dude?

Robert have hunch that sub machine gun might be answer to problem!..

And, WTF!.. He right?!.. Go figure!

Whoa, wha'!

Goodbye jerk, we not gonna miss you!!

We end this interesting post with classic seventies 'gurlfiend in nightie' pose! The way we lik'em here at the Dungeon!!


ufo said...

Tabonga, your postings are the best! You got a way wif' wurds!
Keep up the fun....this one looks great!

TABONGA! said...

Tabonga always like compliment from a UFO!

Exploitation Cine Digest said...

Wow, that audio clip is GREAT!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

WTF is correct, my friend...

wv- unailas, i think i've been insulted, unless that means the...AStral Factor!

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