Saturday, January 16, 2010

END OF THE WORLD / Charles Band - 1977

Welcome to Saturday Low-Budget Matinee at the Dungeon with you host, Tabonga of the Baobab...

Today' feature not everbloody' favorite, and, for many reason! Chris Lee was totally duped by his agent to come to LA and appear in it, so, already have big-time curse!

Here is good place to start, at beginning!.. ding, ding, clang, ping!

Discotek not very high-tek any more! Good thing, too!

Father Pergado bust in, acting all weird and sweating!

Cup of coffee mysteriously blow up in actor Simmy Bow' face!

Then!.. WTF!!!

Tabonga like music in today' soundclip, dated, but cool in own way! Music composed by Andrew Belling, who also work for Disney! A few other thing he work on: WIZARDS, DRACULA'S DOG, HANGAR 18 and STARCHASER, The Origin Of Orin.

Font style on title card very 1977!

Tabonga' pet Gnat, Piff, say he all ready to push big red 'GO' button to start show rolling up hill! Piff so small he have to get flying start from across the room. He off!.. And!.. He hit it, way to go Piff!! Enjoy... END OF THE WORLD, Seventies Style!

Tagline say... "There is everything to look forward to...Except tommorow!"

Ho-hum, here is Professor Andrew Boran working hard at 'boran' us!!

He have very tough job of watching computer screen! Hmmm, wonder if something wrong here?

Maybe he better go tell Dean Jagger, head of place where he work. Dean star in one of Tabonga' very favorite flick, X-THE UNKNOWN!!

Finally, the good part!

Next day they have to go to church and repent! Not really, strange signal coming from this place.


OH, JEEZ!!..

Really, Nun know how to run spaceship?!

When Chris want to change between Father Pergado and Invading Space Dude, Zindar, he use this red pyramid effect!

I don't wanna be a Space Nun!

But hun, you'll look hot!! Do it for me, please!!

So, they run away...

Almost get blowed up!..

Get real lost...

And, go in big circle, ending up back where they start... Man, total waste of time!

Professor come up with plan to destroy thing Zindar need to carry out evil plans.

Wha' hoppin?..

Zindar leave the world with plenty of disasters before they head into space. Guess Zindar not need that thing the Professor blowed up after all!

Tabonga like this shot of exploding volcano!

Professor and wifey get to join Zindar and Nuns for long space voyage...

And, Zindar have one last surprise for Earth.

What you know?!.. Really was... END OF THE WORLD!


Eegah!! said...

I'm confused!! If it's the end of the world, and I'm not dead, wha' happen??


prof. grewbeard said...

ol' Chris really ended up in some doozies...

James said...

This film boasts what must surely be considered THE best opening scene of any film ever. EVA! After that, it kinda sucks. Except the nuns from outer space. They can stay. There's a cool quote by SIR Christopher Lee on the IMDB about this film... Apparently the director lied to him. It was supposed to be a good film! ;o)

Christopher said...

whats goin' on here..Dracula at the Bowling Alley!?

Greg Goodsell said...

STARSHIP INVASIONS and HOLLYWOOD MEATCLEAVER MASSACRE are the true nadirs of Chris Lee's acting career!

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