Wednesday, January 6, 2010

TOBOR The 8th Man / The Atomic Ghost - 1965

Welcome to Wednesday at the Dungeon. Rodan here, filling in for Tabonga, who needs a break!! He'll be back Saturday with another one of his wild features.

Today we have a treat, an early example of Japanese Anime from 1964, hitting the US in '65. If you remember it, you will have fond memories!

I accidently found out that the composer of the American theme is none other than the awesome cartoon master, Winston Sharples, who we've featured here before, with Popeye and Casper!

Wow, Eegah!! has given us another excellent soundclip, so, sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of... 8th MAN vs THE ATOMIC GHOST!

Here's the Super-Cyclotron and it's ready to blow, putting a big dent in scientific progress!

Atomic Ghost is handed the needle blaster before he pops in at the doctor's house!

"A ghost disappearing into a wall, is it really possible?"

"Dr. Nelson isn't the kind of man who would imagine things, Jenny!"

Wow, The Atomic Ghost drives a convertible Plymouth Fury!

The Atomic Ghost is really a little shit, now he's blown up the rocket!

Peter Brady, aka Tobor, is on his way to investigate the crimes of 'The Ghost!'

But, Ghost is in the plane, and, he tries to crash it before he bails out to an island below.

Safe on the ground, The Atomic Ghost calls his pals to come and pick him up.

But, guess what, Tobor followed him down, ready for some payback!

Chief Fumblethumbs and Jenny unexpectedly show up at the island.

Then, the Ghost's pals buzz Tobor in their jet-boat-saucer, only to be knocked out of the sky!

Atomic Ghost calls more pals to come and get him. They arrive in a helicopter and lower a rope ladder down for him.

Tobor's second brain kicks in and he takes care of the Ghost and the helicopter!

Tobor saves the day again, even though Jenny doesn't know that her boss, Peter Brady, is actually... Tobor, the 8th Man!!


prof. grewbeard said...

wish i had a spare brain!

great set of shots! looks like a prime example of eurospy-type plotting! but it's nihospy!

KW said...

8th Man looks wonderful! I gotta see some!

Professor Brian O'Blivion said...

I've got a lovely little award for for your efforts. Come claim it whenever you get the chance.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Ken, I mean Keith, it would have even been better if you had illustrated it!!

KW said...

KEN?! Hey!

KW said...

he he!

Bird of Paradise said...

A bit like superman and Flash Gordon

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