Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Welcome everbloody, to Tabonga' Wednesday B+W Oldie Bijou Flicktime Theater, here at the Dungeon. Today we gots one PRC cheapie, ROBOT PILOT, aka EMERGENCY LANDING, directed by Film God, Mr. William Beuadine, who have staggering 366 directing credit!! This flick was number 146 and he begin career in 1909 as an actor! He also have 55 credit as Assistant Director...

Flick star super young Forrest Tucker in only his second acting appearance. Forrest was in some of our favorite flicks, like THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN, THE COSMIC MONSTERS and THE CRAWLING EYE! Did you know that two alternate title for THE CRAWLING EYE are THE CREEPING EYE and THE FLYING EYE!!

This flick barely make it into the Dungeon lineup, only because it have word 'robot' in title, as you will hear in Eegah!! soundclip. In other word, what music? IMDb not even have listing for composer or music department! So, what iz uh ol' caveman ta do, anyhow?..

Answer is here, Eegah!! have some fun here wif' dialogue for you enjoyment. Today is turn for my lil' pal, Ralphie the Tarantula, to push that big old red 'GO' button to start show rolling, so, push 'dat button, buddy!.. ROBOT PILOT EMERGENCY LANDING!

In 1941, seem obvious that we going to war! Mr. George B. Lambert' company get big order for bombers!

Forrest play Jerry Barton, test pilot! He at air show trying to get somebloody to listen to his idea about 'robot pilot!'

Dude pointing to awesome looking racing plane from 1941!

Thornton Edwards play Pedro, pal of Jerry and Doc Williams. The Doc working on his remote control 'robot pilot' with test model airplane. Little note... Thornton pass away in 1988 in Tabonga' home town of Tulare, CA, at age 94!

Jerry and Doc locate Mr. Lambert at local golf course... He the one without the dress, knuckleheads!

They gonna try and impress him with remote control 'robot pilot' model airplane.

Mission accomplished, Mr. Lambert gonna give Jer' idea a shot!

Only problem is, model plane crash in lake and it splash water on Mr. Lambert' spoiled brat daughter, Betty, played by Carol Hughes. Look at some character names Carol had in flick... Birdie, Hortense Burke-Meyers, Grace 'Gracie' Randall, Texas, Nellie Bellas, Maxine LaVerne, Maisie, Loolie Fisher, Dolly Marsh, Susie 'Cuddles' LaPlanche, Peaches Clipper, but, most familiar is ... DALE ARDEN! Oh, and here is title of flick she was in that sound damn interesting... EARTHWORM TRACTOR!!!

Jerry an' the Doc do all the work and Mr. Lambert get all the credit, what else?

Somehow, Betty and Aunt Maude get lost and running out of gas near where Jer an' Doc working on secret 'robot pilot' project for her pops!

They steal gas, but, get stuck and Jer have to pull them out. Plus, gas they steal belong to Jerry! What hell, now, what?!

Jerry has little plan to pay back Betty for acting like bitch to him!.. Weclome to filthy bachelor cabin, gurlz!

That's right, put on sexy clothes and get to work cleaning up this joint!

Wait a minute, that's not me!!

Curse you, damn spot!

Tabonga' type o' workgurl!!

After gurlies work butts off, time to clean 'em up! Hell, yeah!!

Betty not paying attention and she fall off ladder, onto her can! Jer run like hell from plane he working on, over to help her up.

My hero!..

Two second later, she already hate him again!! ...Gurlz!

What up, Doc?!

Doc played by Emmett Vogan, who have staggering 495 acting credit from 1934-57, playing the coroner in THE MUMMY'S GHOST in 1944 and was in THE VAMPIRE'S GHOST in 1945!

Wow, what a face!! I. Stanford Jolley end up with 358 acting credit, here he is as bad guy who trying to steal Doc' invention!

He kidnap the gurlz and try to get away with plane!

But, Doc' equipment actually work and they bring plane in for safe landing.

Day is saved, and, Betty finally fall all the way for the big lug, Jer!

So, big contract for 'robot pilot' is signed! And, for good measure, little 'Judge' Billy Curtis pop in for final thoughts!.. Goo'night, everbloody!


prof. grewbeard said...

Dale Arden is hot!!!

Greg Goodsell said...

This movie looks bleaaaaaahhhh.

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