Friday, January 8, 2010

LA REGINA DELLE AMAZZONI - Roberto Nicolosi - "Hey Cutie!" (1960)

Jumpin' Jeezus Jiminey Cricket, I had to break out the Corralejo Reposado for this one, but damn it's worth it! I'm sure I saw "Colossus And The Amazon Queen" as a kid, but the uncanny intricacies were just a bit too much for my little brain to fathom at that young age!!

Honk, Honk!! Just what the Hell is exactly going on here??

The owners of the teams from all five leagues gather to give their blessings and hope for the future, in this, the first ever no holds barred Royale Rumble, with the swingingest soundtrack ever!

Without a script, the biggest and strongest guy wins, body builder Ed Fury, as the mighty Glauco!!! Ed was the 'perfect man' in "Abbott and Costello Go To Mars," Gahbo in "The Wild Women of Wongo," and also had a turn as Maciste in "Maciste Contro Lo Sceicco," among a host of other roles!

Robin Williams, I mean Rod Taylor is the star of the movie, the scammer Pirro! This film was made right after the Oscar winning "The Time Machine," but wouldn't be released until 1964 in the U.S.

So just about the time you think this a pre-biblical buddy film....

.....Here's what's really going on! Pirro and Glauco and the rest of the crew have been taken captive by an island tribe of Amazons, and only have two basic purposes to the women, honey do's of the lowest order and pro-creation!! The fertility rite has begun, and it's a beguiling combination of swingin' jazz and dance choreography that wouldn't be realized in the real world for centuries to come!! I don't know exactly who thunk this up, but it's a wonder to see and hear!!

The brilliant music is brought to us courtesy of Roberto Nicolosi, the man also responsible for the music in films like "Caltiki, "Black Sunday," "Black Sabbath" and a whole bunch of Viking flicks!

The enticing dance numbers were put together by actor and choreographer Tito LeDuc!!!

Before mating, first thing is, you gotta clean those funky guys up!!!

Here's the line-up ala eHarmony.B.C!!

Then it's time for the girls to choose their special date!!!

"Let's be off my babies, Ya'll is my wimmen now!!"

It's uncanny how similar Rod Taylor's animated movements and vocal stylings would be to the future's Robin WIlliams! Watch this film and your eyes won't believe what they're seeing!!

Besides this film, there were a lot of great movies made in 1960, like "Visit To A Small Planet," "Eyes Without A Face," "Leech Woman," "Village Of The Damned," and "Secret Of The Telegian" that will deservedly outlive anything made in 2010!!!

I rest my case!!!

Extra Cool Bonus Feature: Get yourself one of them "50 Movie Packs" titled "SciFi Classics," and the movie "Eegah!!" is one of the films on the same disc, same side as "Colossus And The Amazon Queen!" Now that's a double feature that's damn near impossible to beat!!

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That music is totally insane for a sword 'n' sandal flick!!.. Whatta crack up!

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